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Updated on June 1, 2022

While it may be more comfortable to wait on interested buyers to discover your product/service by themselves thanks to your marketing efforts (inbound), it is not sustainable just by itself. 


And you already know that.


But did you know that the greater % of successful companies invest in outbound prospecting? And 9 in 10 companies use two or more lead enrichment tools to learn more about prospects.

What do we mean by that?

Your company probably has a sales team that scouts the market in the relevant industry in search of potential buyers. In the B2B world, these potential buyers are entire other companies, including the business professionals that work inside them. 

The sales reps might find the names of the companies that could be the right fit for your product or service on LinkedIn, Google, Quora, or other communities and channels, but now they will also need to find out other crucial information (such as: what technology is that company using?)

#1. Pain-point: At least 50% of your prospects are not a good fit for what you sell.

What if they are already using software that doesn’t play well with yours? Or cannot be integrated. Or they cannot afford it? Then what are you going to tell them when you contact them? And why waste your time contacting them if they cannot pay the price?

Also, in order to contact the right person that will be able to pay attention to your sales offer and influence the decision-making process, you need to know who they are and some additional information to create a meaningful context for collaboration.


📌Otherwise, how will you approach them and why should they listen to you?
📌Where are you gonna find all the information you need in one place?
📌Why look for that information manually when a technological solution is available? 

#2. Pain-point: More than 40% of salespeople say prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process.

Well, to make it easier for businesses to find other businesses they can collaborate with, the market invented and developed technical SaaS solutions and different sales tools. Sales enablement tool usage is up 567%.

Some of them are specifically designed to assist Sales Development Representatives in their outbound prospecting efforts. Such as outbound prospecting automation.


There is a wealth of information on individuals and companies within the digital environment. All you need to do is get access to a B2B database, grab the information and use it to your advantage when you reach out.


Sales.Rocks is built upon a huge B2B database that contains all the relevant information about businesses and contacts internationally.

Sales.Rocks Coverage

How to use Sales.Rocks to find your ideal B2B customers?

After you register and get access to the platform, you can get your coffee ☕, get your sales team and start filtering and narrowing down your ideal customers.

Here is how.


With Sales.Rocks there are two approaches to finding your B2B client base.

Using Sales.Rocks Company and Contact Search Modules

They complement each other to give you a holistic picture of your target customers.

Company Search
lets you find the ideal companies for your product or SaaS solution thanks to its powerful filtering system based on different data points, such as:

📍Industry (+ a sub-industry or a specific niche options)
📍Location: Head Quarters + Subsidiaries per Country or Region;
📍Company’s Name, Email Address, and Phone Number;
📍URL – The domain of the company’s website;
📍Operating status – Is the company still active on the market or not?;
📍Turnover or Annual Recurring Revenue of a company;
📍Company Size (Employee Range / Revenue Range);
📍Organizational Tree by Hierarchy;
📍Monthly Tech Spending;
📍Technographics – Technology and Apps used on the company website (e.g. program languages, web frameworks, payment gateways, operating systems, etc.).

Use Case example

Company location: the United States and Canada;

Industry (NACE codes): Advertising and market research, Software publishing, Data processing, hosting and related activities: web hosting;

Company size by revenue per year: 100k-1m and 1m-10m (so I can be sure that the company can afford my product or service);

Contact info: Email address available (I want only those companies that have an email address available of at least one of the people working inside);

and our favorite 💘

The Technographics filter: I want companies that already use Business Email Hosting (so they can integrate it with the SaaS solution I’m offering).

Search by the technology they use

Find B2B customers in USA and Canada

Results: “We found 8.589 companies according to your search requirements.”


Then, with contact search you find the professionals working in those companies – your actual B2B customers. This feature was created for companies that want to instantly build or expand their sales pipeline with direct contacts to decision-makers. 🤝


Contact Search module lets you find the decision-makers working in those companies, name and surname, their email, LinkedIn account, job title and position in a department, as well as the ability to see them as part of an Organizational Tree by Hierarchy (Director, Executive, Manager, Specialist, etc.)

This fresh data helps companies discover the C-level executives from small, medium, and enterprise companies, and achieve their outreach goals. 😎

Contact Search with Sales.Rocks

Use Sales.Rocks Cold Email Software to Launch Outbound Campaigns

Sales.Rocks can take over your email account and act as your Cold Email Software. -When we say we have all sales perspectives covered in one single platform, we mean it.

You can use the lists you created using Company & Contact search to send and receive emails straight from Sales.Rocks. And not just regular, cold emails… but hyper-personalized.

How to send cold emails with Sales.Rocks

Before you start…

There cannot be personalization in automation without proper segmentation. Because you don’t want to send the same message to all your recipients.


They have different names, job titles, pain points, and different needs, and will expect to be addressed accordingly. 


Therefore, you will have to segment your prospect list according to relevant firmographics and technographics to perform a meaningful outreach. 


Segmentation additionally enables you to use hyper-personalization and incorporate all the relevant findings of your prospects to create a personalized experience tailored to their needs. Address them by their name and build meaningful context for further discussion. That’s how you start building relationships with people, instead of pitching to them.


If you want to read more on this subject, here is an article on how important is Lead List Segmentation and how best to do it.

Automated, but meaningful outbound outreach

Sales.Rocks’ Multichannel Drip Campaigns

Sales.Rocks Multichannel Drip Campaigns

Imagine the possibility to increase the chances by 50% of your message actually reaching your prospects.

Well, now that you have their emails and LinkedIn profiles, and you have a powerful outreach automation tool at your hands, you can raise this meaningful outreach to a
multichannel outreach and directly contact your prospects via email, or LinkedIn straight from the platform.


Condition 1.

They opened your email

Action: Send a LinkedIn connection request.


Condition 2.

They didn’t open your email

Action: Follow up with a second email.


Condition 3.

They accepted the connection

Action: Send Direct Message on LinkedIn.

multichannel drip campaigns sales.rocks

📌Why perform prospecting and outbound outreach manually, when sales automation is available?

And since we are talking about a Sales Automation platform, it does not only include automated prospecting and data filtering, but you can create drag & drop Drip Campaigns and schedule them to run on auto-pilot according to different sets of factors, triggers, and delays.

Make data-driven sales decisions

Track your campaign performance, analyze the results, make data-driven decisions about what should be your next step steps based on historical performance. In the dashboard, you can see the open rate, click-through rate (CTR), bounce rate and more, of each of your (automated or not) drip campaigns. These insights will help you optimize the aspects that drive positive results and let go of those things that are stalling the process.


The Email Warmer 🔥

Warm-up your emails to avoid the spam folder, increase your email reputation and reach more prospects.

Case scenario

A new member on your team means a new email address.

A new email address that sends out more than 15-30 emails per day signals a SPAM ALERT to the email service providers.

The result? = Emails land in the spam folder, your email sender reputation is tarnished and your recipients never see your message.

p.s. Perform an email deliverability audit to see how you stand in the eyes of the email service providers so far, and see what you can improve if you have spam problems.


☑️ Email warming increases your daily email activity automatically and in a natural way, allowing you to send more emails that are guaranteed to reach the inbox.

You can warm a new email or you can improve the deliverability of a mature one. Adjust the email warmer settings for each email account based on current progress.


If you are curious and want to know how your emails are being warmed up, take a look at this guide that explains it in detail, going step by step over the whole warm-up process.

Sales.Rocky Case Study on Email Warmer

And as the cherry on the top 🍒

The best part is that this sales and marketing automation platform I’ve been describing above, to which we owe our rapid revenue growth and success is our own product. Developed in-house. We are our own favorite case study (and I guess it shows).


Thanks to Sales.Rocks, we managed to shorten our average sales cycle against the industry’s sales benchmark.

According to G2 crew, Sales.Rocks has the Highest Return on Investment (ROI) compared to our top 10 competitors in the industry. If you want to try it for 7 days trial, you can create an account here, our V2 is live.

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