Sales.Rocks for Account Management

Nurture a strong relationship with your clients.

Reliable business insights
to ensure a long lasting partnership.

Account Management & Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing with the right tools.

Data insights

Companies & Contacts

Real-time data updates for your company accounts.

Rely on information you can trust, that is available for easy integration with your CRM.


Outreach with ease

Improve your relationship with your clients using email automation so you won’t miss new opportunities.

Score new deals at the right time with the right message.

Identify and manage your key accounts

Business partnership growth

Get real-time full information on each of your clients with updates and data enrichment with Sales.Rocks.
Check which data you are missing for your clients and fill it with direct import from Sales.Rocks to your CRM.

Client relationship management

Be ready to assist your client in different areas concerning your product. Establish a smooth communication process so you will be able to assist them on a moments notice. Prepare advanced email and Linkedin outreach with highly-personalized content to hit the right client with the right offer.

Long-term business retention

Maintaining a long and profitable business relationship with your key accounts requires having a long-term account strategy combined with a high client satisfaction rate. Check for new employments and new decision-maker changes and establish a new connection with the right person immediately.

Grow your accounts

Upsell with Account-Based approach.

Use the Sales.Rocks organizational structure to know who to upsell to. You can see who reports to whom, who might be in the same department, who is an influencer, and who is ultimately the decision-maker.

Set sequences for on-boardings, product updates, custom offers and ultimately upselling arrangements to the right people.


Increase in Upselling

Retain Loyalty and renew contracts

Maintain Customer Success and Satisfaction.

Maintain great customer relationship with the help of signals. Sales.Rocks will ensure you always have all the necassary information from technology changes to employee spikes and drops, revenue alerts and buyer intent.

You can easily estimate your client’s position and adjust your client communication to the intent your client has next for further collaboration.


Increase in Customer Success

Want to manage your accounts more productively with ease?

Consult with our team to learn how Sales.Rocks can be best used for Account Management.

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