Automation of your sales processes on the next level – Sales Rocks joins Zapier

Updated on September 27, 2021

The necessity of automation in your sales process is now felt more than ever among all remote sales teams. We’ve set our focus on bringing Sales.Rocks closer to more than 2000 other applications and to join the Sales Enablement Tools family on Zapier.

Many of you may already know how Zapier works, and some of you might also be familiar with the functionalities of Sales.Rocks, but how to have the best usage?

We are going to explain how to best use Zapier for your sales automation and which application combinations would be most efficient to use with Sales.Rocks.

Where do we start with sales automation? 

At of course! For those of you, who will find themselves confused by Zapier’s platform, you’ll get into it in no time. Zapier’s idea is to combine the codes of two or multiple applications, members of their integrations community.

The logic behind it is to allow the communication between the applications with triggers and actions you undertake from one app to the other. Sound simple, but it actually requires quality features from one app to be helpful for the other. 


But what’s the Sales.Rocks case? 

We started with the basic features, the company and the contact search modules. The first thing we wanted to enable via Zapier is the data export from Sales.Rocks to another app like Google Sheets or any CRM for example. The triggers you can find from Sales.Rocks are:

  • The export of contact data – Triggers when you export contacts or new contact is bought 
  • The export of company data – Triggers when you export companies or new company is bought

Okay, so what app should we use to get the most out of this data?

The CRMs

We are well aware that for Sales Teams and their processes CRM usage is a must. For example the Sales.Rocks Platform already offers some direct integrations with CRMs like Zoho CRM. But, if you use other CRM there is Zapier to help with the workflows.

Let’s say you use the Hubspot CRM. You’ll need to add a new prospect list of direct contacts and accounts, but not just a bulk list of prospects you’ll need to filter and research afterwards. With the Sales.Rocks filters you’ll be able to choose a specific geo target, companies working in a specified industry by NACE code and contacts that have specific job titles.

Once you have the counts of possible contact you can choose your list and push them into the “My lists” stage on the Sales.Rocks Platform. By doing so, you will trigger the action that will automatically push this data into your Hubspot CRM with all the necessary data points filled in automatically. You can use this action both for importing contacts and companies.

Pretty easy!

We’ve tried the same Sales.Rocks triggers to other CRMs. For example, we’ve tried the same action for exporting accounts and leads into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Teamleader and Sugar CRM 7+.

The Sales & Marketing Automation Tools

Second best usage of the Sales.Rocks data would be in your Sales or Marketing Automation Tool.
As our drip-campaign module is still in the BETA phase, we enabled email outreach for the users of other Automation Tools via Zapier.

Let’s take Lemlist for example. We’ve triggered contact data exporting to an Email Campaign in Lemlist, filling in a complete email list for automated outreach. Here you can get direct email addresses for both companies and contacts within a company and reach out to them though the marketing or sales automation tool you are using.

Visually that would go like this:

You search for a specific industry decision-makers, that would be your ICP. You filter and choose the companies that fit this criteria. The next level is to unlock a full company profile and search through the employee job titles. You then choose the contacts you want to reach out to and add them to a list. This list will be the trigger for the Lemlist integration with a Zapier workflow and, without any coding or difficult integrations you’ll be able to see the chosen Sales.Rocks list of contacts in a set up Lemlist Campaign. 

An Extra: The Google Sheets

For those who work differently with their business data, and don’t find the best usage with CRMs or Automation Tools, we’ve enabled a simple Google Sheet export of our data via Zapier. You can have all of the rows and columns filled in with contact and company data in a new Google Sheet with full company and contact profiles. Then you can simply use an import option to upload them in any other software you use.

Simple, yet powerful Zap for small or single businesses, not using a CRM.


The 2, if not all 3 case scenarios we’ve mentioned are in fact the necessary steps for automation of your sales processes. As we develop our platform, more additional triggers will be added to the Sales.Rocks <> Zapier integration, allowing our current and potential users to integrate as much business software as possible with our business data.

Now go and make your first Sales.Rocks Zap!

Stay home, stay safe! 🙏 

With 💙 from the Sales.Rocks Team

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