Automated sales prospecting: How to outsource the whole process

Updated on November 21, 2022

Automated sales prospecting at its finest: how to outsource the whole process

Sales development representatives usually spend a lot of time looking for people in order to extend their outreach base. But, those people are not always aware of their business needs and when it comes to asking them to take the first step – booking a meeting, not everything goes smoothly as expected.


From an overall experience, the hardest part appears in the time-consuming process of manual outreach to every single prospective customer, which leaves every existing SDR with less than needed time to sell. So, why continue wasting time on building the lead generation funnel and going through every step possible on your own, when you can only focus on the last couple of stages as picking up a real engagement with your prospects?


Sales Prospecting Automation

It’s a good thing you are asking yourself how to jump directly to a face-to-face meeting with a potential client without a previous waste of resources. Actually – it is possible. This is when our service Sales.Rocks Engage comes to assist your own sales and lead generation process.


Many other companies prefer to provide simple Software-as-a-Service solutions for their clients where the whole responsibility of building a great campaign falls on you. Sales.Rocks Engage is more than that. Its main goal is to provide a done-for-you solution instead of leaving everything in your hands to deal with.


As an automated sales prospecting service, it provides lists of qualified leads and consistent automated outreach by great reduction of costs that were previously intended for sales management.


#Sales.Rocks Engage – The Process

At Sales.Rocks Engage the whole ongoing process lasts for 4 months where the first month is all about building a relationship and getting to know each other.


* The process workflow of Sales.Rocks Engage:


  1. The Set up process includes all necessary things such as setting up your account, purchasing sending domains, incorporating all necessary technicalities, setting up emails, warming the domains, and even setting up the connection for each to your account.
  2. Next, we are running the Email campaigns: after the first month of setup, the workflow continues with running the campaign for the next 3 months. Starting from the second month, you already have 1000 new prospects in your pipeline, which leads to a full number of 3000 contacted leads until the end of the process. You don’t bother with direct communication with each of the leads- we’ll only forward those responses who are worth your time.
  3. The meaning of Engage and closing your Leads: after we have completed the tasks from our side and sent out an extraordinary email campaign to your leads, which is by the way personalized, you finally jump on the train and pick up all of the replies from the interested leads and we hope you sell more!


#The power of hyper-personalization.

We can leave the raw cold email outreach in the past. Especially when talking about industries that generate constant growth. Few people are willing to open or even read an email if the subject sounds too generic. That is why hyper-personalization as a concept applies not only to the email itself but also to the way how it has been sent out to its recipients.


Although your contact list of email recipients might seem homogeneous because it refers to the same group of Ideal Customer Profile, each person has a different history of preferences, habits, and interactions with your brand. Also, the way they behave online it’s not something that is permanent or steady.


That is why placing a customer name in the email and thinking you have nailed the personalization- is no longer enough.


In this case, emails should be how your company responds to prospects interacting online with the industry you are part of.


#An already established example of how personalization gives the best results:

Let’s imagine you are an online virtual tour provider and your target audience or as we like to call it- ICP, are actually real estate agents who represent home sellers. A real estate agent is always trying to find the best way possible to place their products online because showing houses in real life to potential customers has its own limitations. That is why a virtual tour tool that provides a 360 panoramic view of estates, would be a perfect solution for them.


So, what a personalized email for a real estate agent named Meghan may look like? Possibly something like this:


And how does it look in the inbox? We’ll take a look:


This email is sent after you have made sure that Meghan has her list of estates on realtor.com and her main goal is to provide lovely homes to her potential buyers.
What’s more, it is scheduled for sending at the right time when Meghan typically checks her email, ensuring your message won’t find its way into spam.

Beside having a promotional content, this email sounds like a friendly reminder and fulfils numerous other tasks:


  • It helps Meghan to manage the online presence of the estates she offers on the market;
  • The possible demand is predictable and encourages repeat purchase;
  • It introduces relevant products to Meghan’s industry that she may not be aware of;
  • Helps build better loyalty;
  • After building a successful relationship Meghan will more likely recommend the brand that delivers a perfect customer experience.


In the end, the results are pretty satisfying. The more useful emails you send, the better sender reputation you’ll accomplish.


At Sales.Rocks Engage all the emails for your campaign are sent out by 5 different email accounts assigned to your main Sales.Rocks account, and are previously warmed with a specific tool on our platform, of course. We don’t leave anything to chance.


#To Sum Up

Wasting time on non-qualified leads it’s a big no because we identify and fill the company’s sales funnel with all qualified leads that can directly benefit from your product or expertise.


Let’s face it- hiring new salespeople to do the prospecting for you in today’s environment can be a tough and time-consuming effort.


How many salespeople are out there who can reach out to 1000 qualified contacts on a monthly basis manually? In the end, the answer given to this question indicates implementing an automated sales prospecting solution.


Regarding email personalization, it is a big and pretty important part of the whole automation experience. The more personalized and client-oriented it is, the higher possibility to build a loyal customer base and engagement. Clients that have the feeling of being cared for by a brand, won’t go elsewhere looking for other solutions.


Finally, Sales.Rocks Engage allows your company’s sales team to focus on only what they do best- closing deals!


So, are you ready for a real customer engagement?

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