Sales.Rocks for outbound prospecting (SDRs)

Outbound Sales Prospecting
From an SDR's Perspective.

Sales.Rocks boosts Sales Reps efficiency by supporting them throughout the entire sales funnel.

Finding Ideal Customer Profiles;
Engaging with potential customers;
Ensuring replies to cold emails.

Outbound Sales Prospecting for SDR


Find your
Buyer Persona

Find Ideal Customer Profile from over 200M contacts, 120M companies in 215 markets from over 150 different filters including Technographics. Receive contact details such as LinkedIn profiles, direct email and full company background info.


Personalized Multi-Channel outbound prospecting

Perform an automated outreach via our Drip Campaigns. The module includes omnichannel LinkedIn and Email outreach.

SaaS Sales Solution for SDR


Set up Sales Triggers for Specific Events

Monitor your most important targets for trigger events such as website changes, new recruitments, accelerated growth, or recruitment of new key people.


Use Hyper-Personalization to Boost Response Rates

Struggling with not getting the expected reply rates? Successful SDRs personalize their messages. Implement Hyper-Personalization to boost your engagement and conversion.

What is outbound prospecting without seamless CRM integration?

Sales.Rocks Webhooks allow you to build a solid bridge between your sales prospecting tools and your CRM.

Follow-up and cold call warmed-up leads only when there is a high possibility of closing the deal.

Before After

No more neglected leads in your CRM

B2B sales prospects will start poping up into your CRM without the need of manual entries.

We’re changing the way SDRs are working.

Certainly, Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) should not struggle with application overload,
but should rely on a single platform for all their workflows.

Simplify the overall outbound sales prospecting for your SDR with Sales.Rocks.

Accelerate SDRs Productivity Having The Right Source of B2B sales prospects

Organization is critical when managing a large volume of leads. Sales.Rocks fuels your sales cadence and gives SDRs a framework to follow.

  • Know where you stand with every qualified prospect
  • Log details of every interaction
  • Cold calling and follow-ups at the right time
  • Don’t let anything fall through the cracks (Sales Triggers)
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Data Analysis

Accurate B2B sales leads to accurate forecasting and reliable customer information improves the outbound sales process. As a Sales Development Representative, you can determine customer fit by:

–  Company Size
–  Company Budget (Turnover)
–  Business Industry
–  Technology Used
–  Job Title

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Qualify Your Leads

Overall, what matters is the number of qualified leads SDRs move through the sales process. For SDRs determine the lead’s status before they send them ahead to the Account Executives.

–  Prospect
–  Marketing qualified lead (MQL)
–  Sales qualified lead (SQL)
–  Order pending
–  Customer

Prospects can tell when your SDRs love their jobs

Outbound Prospecting Your SDRs Will Love.

Your SDRs will love doing outbound sales prospecting with Sales.Rocks!
Designed to help your Sales Team grow business, engage in more meaningful conversations, and close more deals.

List Building

1. Find Prospect Information

Company & Contact Finder

Find complete and accurate company data in just a few clicks from over 115M companies. Take a more practical approach for filling your sales pipelines with relevant and high-quality leads using the “Company Search” tool. Also, with the advanced filtering system and quarterly updates, we make sure you get the latest available b2b contact details with our Contact Search module.

Chrome Extension

Make use of our data extraction Google Chrome extension to help you find additional information when browsing websites. Or even on LinkedIn, and other popular business-oriented networks.

Email and Phone Verifier

You want to make sure that an email address or a phone number actually exists and is still in use, in real-time. For this reason, use the Email Verifier and Phone Verifier tools. This is obligatory if you care to protect your email reputation and email deliverability, and save your time dialing the right number.

sales toolkit email bulk verification

List Segmentation

2. Organize Information

My Lists

Organization is the foundation for successful prospecting. Organize your prospects into different lists for outbound sales prospecting. Then, save them directly into the platform making your segmentation process easier than ever.

Custom Fields

In addition, you have an option to add your own specific custom fields to create segments and to personalize your messages even further. Because every business is unique.

Saved Filters

Sales.Rocks is built with an understanding of the pain-points when using automation. Therefore, there is the option to save all the filters per module (Contact or Company Search). As a result, you can simplify the whole process of finding new contact details based on previous preferences.

Send the right message to the right prospect

3. Hyper-Personalized Outbound

Drag&Drop Drip Campaigns

Implement full email automation with an easy-to-use email drip campaigns builder.

Dynamic Content

Turn every email into a unique experience for your prospects! You can use dynamic content in the form of text, images, and landing pages.

Variables & Templates

Start with integrating your prospect’s first name, job title, company name or any other information, at scale using variables. Further, create new and manage existing email templates. And finally, share them with the rest of your team with a simple click.


Let’s Collaborate

Interested in fully automated B2B sales prospecting for Sales Professionals?

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