Generate a unique
opening sentence in your emails
for each prospect and reach your reply rate goals.

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AI Writer

Our AI sentence generator will help you write Ice Breakers, one-liners of personalization for your email openings, or a suitable text excerpt for your email body.


Increase in Email Open Rate


In Click-through Rate

The Power of One-liner Personalization

Increase your email Open & Click-through rates.

The success of your email campaigns starts with your email open rate. And the click-through rate is entirely dependent on the open rate because unless your prospects open your email, there is no chance of clicking on the link you provided inside.

  • Generate a Personalized Email Subject Line that resonates with them
  • Create a Personalized One-liner that breaks the ice in your cold email

Cut off time on manual research for information and come up with a personalized introduction line for each prospect on your list automatically.

Missing data for your hyper-personalized outreach?

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Get Customized Ice-Breakers

Set Smart Automations

  • Upload a list of Company Domains
  • Pick the intro wording you want included
  • Get a unique One-Liner with the company core activities

Your Cold Email Outreach
now even more simplified.

Another layer of meaningful personalization to your cold email outreach

Sales.Rocks AI Writing Assistant will generate a complete sentence for you automatically, according to the core company activities, and save you a large amount of time and effort for your next email campaign.

You won't even need the data, we provide it for you

Extract the data you need on your prospects using the Bulk Extractor and leverage its new addition One-Liners by domain to start generating data-driven, unique email opening lines.

Data Enrichment

Use the Bulk Extractor to get the needed information.

Using the Bulk Extractor you can extract various types of information on your target accounts.

Simply upload a list of company domains and enrich your list with the missing pieces of B2B data including personalized one-liners for your cold email outreach.

Increase in SDRs Productivity due to time saved by automated outreach

*Based on average data from customer testimonials

Enrich Unique One-liners by Domain for your email subject line
Enrich Unique One-liners by Domain for your email subject line1

Email Personalization

Generate unique email opening lines for each prospect on your list.

Choose the source of the data

  • Website description;
  • News articles;
  • Blog posts, or
  • Case studies

of your targeted company website, pick the intro parts of the sentence to specify the tone of your email opening lines and submit the request.

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about the One-Liners.