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Stop wasting time with outdated data, don’t miss on prospects and start converting!

With Sales.Rocks data you’ll be able to combine our company info from open and public data with the data in your CRM.

Auto enrich relevant contacts using URL or email data.
Get updates on job changes or new contacts
Access European B2B data from your own platform with easy-to-use API Integration tool
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Why we have more and more clients who opt for our API integration?


Some stats to access European B2B data

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Marketing Automation Platform

Integrates with Marketo, Hubspot and many more!

CRM Integration

Integrates with Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Hubspot, MS Dynamics and many more.
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Your CRM with up-to-date data serves you better

CRM and other sales platforms will serve you properly only if they have accurate data in it. 35% of your CRM data becomes obsolete each year, you need a solution to keep it up-to-date.

By integrating Sales.Rocks with your systems through either our native integration, Sales.Rocks API, Marketplace or through Zapier, you can be sure you have accurate data.

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