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Refresh your Zoho CRM data

Update your company and lead information in your Zoho CRM with fresh data. With simple mapping you can export new lead lists containing data such as location, industry, company size, registry number, contact details and directly get in touch with new potentials.

Integrate with Teamleader

Teamleader users can now connect their CRM with Sales.Rocks data. You can instantly import new leads and companies and with all the necessary sales signals directly from your lead lists on Sales.Rocks.

Integrate Sales.Rocks with 2000+ apps on Zapier*

Create workflows with the Sales.Rocks data and connect it with other sources. Combine the data with your sales & marketing automation platforms. Sales.Rocks is now available on Zapier!


Check your Chrome for Leads

Sales.Rocks Chrome extension allows you to get all details and full company profile directly from your browser. Just visit a potential website and it’ll extract all the contact details about the company. You can easily filter employees by job title and hierarchy and save them to your lead list.

Connect with Gmail, Outlook or via SMTP

You can directly reach out to your lead list via Sales.Rocks Email Sequence module. Setting up your email service is easy, just connect your Gmail, Outlook or any other SMTP service.

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Follow our roadmap for the upcoming integrations.