A few reasons why companies choose

Sales.Rocks                over                Lusha

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With Sales.Rocks you get everything that Lusha already offers + much more


Unlimited In-house B2B Database with Global Coverage

Unlimited prospects for list download per search

Personalized, Multichannel Drip Campaigns

Sales Toolkit (email + phone verifier)

Email Warmer 🔥

150 credits for a better Freemium experience

Highest ROI in the industry.



Limited Database to LinkedIn data primarily

Limited to only 25 prospects in a list per search

Not available

Not available

Not available

Only 5 Credits for Free Plan


Pricey plans for basic features

What do you get with Lusha?

Before you can start using Lusha, you need to install a web plugin.

You already have to visit your prospect’s LinkedIn profile and activate Lusha’s plugin to give you their:

⚪ Email addresses
⚪ Phone numbers

To see them, you have to click “Show.” Every time you click, you’re spending one credit, and the free plan only gives you 5 credits.

You can’t get prospects’ information in bulk. You have to visit every prospect’s profile manually.

The Company details you get are the number of employees, social media profiles…

…and all the similar public information those companies already offer on their LinkedIn profiles for free.

Used only to build lists of prospects.

⚪ No information disclosed if you can actually engage with those prospects via email or LinkedIn directly from the platform.

*This feature is available with a Paid plan only.

Other Lusha features?

-Export contacts;
-Save contacts to CRM;
-Bulk data enrichment;
-API access.

Available only with their Premium and Enterprise pricing plans.


Sales.Rocks already offers all of this as part of its Freemium plan.

Sales.Rocks vs Lusha

What about all the other companies out there?

⚪ Companies in a certain country or region, that are the perfect fit for your product/services, or a SaaS solution that you don’t know about?

⚪ What about all the professionals working in those companies, that you don’t know their first and last names? How can you find their email addresses?

Why only the email addresses and phone numbers? When there is so much additional information available.

Find Prospects that you don’t even know exist (yet) 👇

What you can do and get with Sales.Rocks?



Search options &
Data info you get.

Warm up your emails to avoid the spam folder,
increase your email reputation and & reach more prospects.

Sales.Rocks Email Warmer Dashboard

The Email Warmer 🔥

New member on your team means a new email address.

A new email address that sends out more than 15-30 emails per day signals a SPAM ALERT to the email service providers.

The result? = Emails land in the spam folder, your email sender reputation is tarnished and your recipients never see your message.

☑️ Email warming increases your daily email activity automatically and in a natural way, allowing you to send more emails that are guaranteed to reach the inbox.

You can warm a new email or you can improve the deliverability of a mature one. Adjust the email warmer settings for each email account based on current progress.

❌ Lusha doesn’t have a Email Warmer module as part of its software solution.

Multichannel Drip Campaigns

Create “Drag and Drop” Drip Campaigns based upon conditions such as email opens, link clicks, or other trigger events.

Add LinkedIn actions into your campaign to reach your prospects across different channels simultaneously.

Condition 1.

They opened your email

Action: Send a LinkedIn connection request.

Condition 2.

They didn’t open your email

Action: Follow up with a second email.

Condition 3.

They accepted the connection

Action: Send Direct Message on LinkedIn.

❌Lusha doesn’t offer a Drip Campaign Module.


increase in chances of your message actually reaching your prospects.
Sales.Rocks multichannel drip campaigns

One-stop solution for your entire sales cycle.



B2B Database

213 Countries
115 + Million Company Records
200 + Million Contact Records
Powerful filtering system


Export your lead list directly to your CRM + connect your email with Sales.Rocks for unobstructed workflow.


Turn every email into a unique experience for each prospect, automatically. Use dynamic text, images, or landing pages for a 45% increase in reply rate.

But don’t take only our word for it.

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Sales.Rocks G2 review
Thomas W.
Business Development Manager at Certus Software.

“I’ve been using the Contact Search module to download direct data of certain contacts and I really like the accuracy of the data, it is up-to-date. I’ve used a few similar tools for B2B lead generation, but I like how Sales.Rocks has an interesting way of giving users access to the data.”

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