Sales.Rocks vs. Lusha – Alternative for all-in-one prospecting

Looking for a data provider and prospecting too? Lusha is a popular B2B email and phone number-finding service, but can it offer coverage and compliance for safe prospecting? What other alternatives are available besides Lusha?

Sales.Rocks is a B2B data provider offering the strongest coverage of data in the EU, including direct business email addresses, LinkedIn profiles, and contact information for successful prospecting. It ensures compliance with global data regulations and GDPR standards.

Need to make a decision between Lusha and Sales.Rocks? This page will provide you with all the necessary details to make an informed decision for your business.

  • Email + LinkedIn outreach tool
  • At least 500 prospects monthly
  • 2 email + 2 Linkedin connections/user
  • Email and Phone verification tools
  • Unlimited prospect list creation
  • CRM integrations with Webhooks
  • Image personalization tool
  • Domain warming tool



  • No outreach options
  • Limited to 40 prospects monthly
  • Billed extra per user
  • Bulk enrichment to only 25 contact
  • Bulk unlocking of only 25 contacts
  • CRM integrations only with Custom
  • No personalization tools
  • No domain warming tool

Pricing comparison Sales.Rocks vs. Lusha


Lusha offers plans ranging from free Starter options to custom Enterprise plans, which are determined by the number of credits per user. This influences access to features and the number of records you can reveal, which is significantly low in comparison to Sales.Rocks. 

Each data profile at Lusha will cost you around 0.9 dollars.

As an alternative to Lusha, Sales.Rocks offers a larger amount of credits for data access that are renewed each month, and unlimited access to outreach and prospecting features: Email Warmer, Bulk extractor for enriching data, an entire module for outreach via email and LinkedIn, and additional options that are limited only on fair usage.


Lusha’s subscriptions are user based and billed for each user on a monthly or yearly level. 

At Sales.Rocks your initial access can have multiple users within the same subscription. Additional users can be added as add-ons for an extra charge.

How is data collected at Lusha?

According to their published information, Lusha has 4 main sources for collecting data:

Lusha Community’s Data Contribution

The Lusha Community is comprised of members who have agreed to share their contact info under the Community Program terms. These members freely offer data from their social business network, such as email header and signature block information that would be found on a business card – this includes names, emails and phone numbers.

Third Parties

Lusha also licenses data from business partners who employ advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to obtain public records, and information from public sources, and commercial directories.

Publicly Available Data 

Lusha has an algorithm that retrieves public information from available sources using advanced tools.

Data generating system

Lusha utilizes algorithms and scripts to auto-complete business information sourced from their database, as well as public sources, and generate email addresses based on corporate email patterns.

Where do Sales.Rocks data come from?

At Sales.Rocks we also work with different data sources and generate AI technology to complete a business profile.

Sales.Rocks Data from Company registries

Sales.Rocks database is based on the information registered in the company registries and the chambers of commerce from each country. Some of governments provide full access to open b2b data. This means that the company register numbers and basic company profiles (phone, website, industry, financial figures, contact people) are already available from these sources.

Open sources data

Sales.Rocks gathers open-source b2b data to match already an existing business profile and enrich it with additional information from public sources and search engine results.

Data from Company Websites 

One additional source that can contribute to verifying and accuracy of the data is the company website. We use algorithms and scripts that read the company website’s content to do necessary updates on the business profiles. 

LinkedIn information 

Available LinkedIn information is matched to an identity of a business profile and information like company activities, current number of employees, job titles, LinkedIn profiles, and other descriptive information are updated for the business profile.

Database updates and verification

Lusha doesn’t state any information regarding the time frame and regular updates of their database.

At Sales.Rocks, we care to have the freshest data possible. Our contact database is verified in 90 days or less, timeframe, and we strive to update entire business profiles on a quarterly base.

What do you get with Lusha?

Before you can start using Lusha, you need to install a web plugin.

You already have to visit your prospect’s LinkedIn profile and activate Lusha’s plugin to give you their:

⚪ Email addresses
⚪ Phone numbers

To see them, you have to click “Show.” Every time you click, you’re spending one credit, and the free plan only gives you 5 credits.

You can’t get prospects’ information in bulk. You have to visit every prospect’s profile manually.

Other company data with Sales.Rocks

⚪ Companies in a certain country or region, that are the perfect fit for your product/services and are not on LinkedIn

⚪ Professionals working in those companies with their direct email addresses and LinkedIn profiles

⚪ Information on the web-technologies used by the company

Find new Prospects that are on the common competitor’s lists 👇



Search options &
Data info you get.

Contact Search Filters

Sales.Rocks Contact Search Filters

Why choose Sales.Rocks over Lusha?

If you are looking for an all-in-one sales prospecting tool that can provide both accurate and compliant data for a lower price point and outreach tools, you can be sure that Sales.Rocks is a good alternative for you.

Sales.Rocks can offer:

☑️ 360° overview of business profiles

☑️ Immense data coverage in Europe and worldwide

☑️ Data extraction and enrichment tools

☑️ Data validation tool for emails and phone numbers

☑️ Drip campaigns module with email and LinkedIn combined

☑️ Email warming tool for domain reputation and deliverability 

☑️ Image editor for hyper-personalized content creation

If you are working with:

❌ private emails (gmail, yahoo etc.)

❌ unverified and unmatched data

❌ bulk prospecting and outreach

❌ transactional emailing

Sales.Rocks wouldn't be the right choice for you.

Multichannel Drip Campaigns

Create “Drag and Drop” Drip Campaigns based upon conditions such as email opens, link clicks, or other trigger events.

Add LinkedIn actions into your campaign to reach your prospects across different channels simultaneously.

Condition 1.

They opened your email

Action: Send a LinkedIn connection request.

Condition 2.

They didn’t open your email

Action: Follow up with a second email.

Condition 3.

They accepted the connection

Action: Send Direct Message on LinkedIn.

❌Lusha doesn’t offer a Drip Campaign Module.


increase in chances of your message actually reaching your prospects.
Sales.Rocks multichannel drip campaigns

One-stop solution for your entire sales cycle.


B2B Database

213 Countries
115 + Million Company Records
200 + Million Contact Records
Powerful filtering system


Export your lead list directly to your CRM + connect your email with Sales.Rocks for unobstructed workflow.


Turn every email into a unique experience for each prospect, automatically. Use dynamic text, images, or landing pages for a 45% increase in reply rate.

But don’t take only our word for it.

What our
say about us?

Sales.Rocks G2 review
Thomas W.
Business Development Manager at Certus Software.

“I’ve been using the Contact Search module to download direct data of certain contacts and I really like the accuracy of the data, it is up-to-date. I’ve used a few similar tools for B2B lead generation, but I like how Sales.Rocks has an interesting way of giving users access to the data.”

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