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Global Coverage

Affordable Pricing
based on the number of users

Hyper-Personalized Drip Campaigns

Quarterly/Yearly Contract

Email Warmer 🔥



US Coverage mostly

Very High Pricing
$4900 per 5000 emails

Not Available

Limited to Yearly Contracts

Not Available

In terms of Data Coverage

🌐 Sales.Rocks Data Coverage is Global.



115 + Million

Company Records

200 + Million

Contact Records

🌐 ZoomInfo Data is mainly restricted to the US.

In terms of performance

Sales.Rocks user ratings on G2
Zoominfo User Ratings on G2
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Treat your prospects like the authentic humans they are.
Turn every email into a unique experience for each of your recipients.

Step 1.

Collect the Right Data

Get the Right Data about each of your prospects. The more information you have on them, the better your offer and messaging will be.

Step 2.

Analyze and Segment the Collected Data

Speak to your prospects with the information they care to hear. Segment your leads under one umbrella based on what stage they are in the buyer’s journey and target them with the content they are interested in.

Step 3.

Implement the Data

...and Hyper-Personalize Every Email Automatically!

Use dynamic content to build your email templates with AI generated email opening lines🗸, merge tags 🗸 and use the image builder to send personalized images🗸. These areas will be filled automatically with the relevant information about each of your recipients now that you have the data!

❌ZoomInfo doesn’t offer a Hyper-personalization.


Increase in Reply Rates


of consumers say they only engage with personalized messaging


of companies report an uplift in Conversion Rates

Sales.Rocks outperforms ZoomInfo in 2 more features

Email Warmer

Warm up your emails & reach more prospects.

Increase the email sending limit of a new email account automatically with a natural back and forth chain of emails for a seamless warm up process.

Improve the emil deliverability and sender reputation of a mature email account.

Avoid the SPAM folder forever.

Multichannel Drip Campaigns

Automate your multichannel outreach campaign across email and LinkedIn.

Drag and Drop actions that you want to take place depending on different conditions, such as email opens, link clicks and trigger events.

Meet your prospects across the different channels they use, 90% of them already expect that.

But don’t take only our word for it.

What the
G2 crowd
says about us?

Sales.Rocks G2 review
Boudewijn van der Laan VoiceBooking

Boudewijn Van der Laan

Growth & Development Manager at Voicebooking.

Helping Voicebooking To Identify ICP

“With Sales.Rocks, we were able to enrich business information on thousands of our customer profiles in a swift.

Based on all these new data points, it was easy for us to form ideal customer profiles on which we adjusted our future marketing strategies.”

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Affordable pricing
Easy scaling.

Our app works for businesses of all sizes and shapes.

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Per Month

Get the deal without any risk and fees.

  • 1000 Company Search Credits
  • 500 Contact Search Credits
  • 1000 Sales Toolkit Credits
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Per 5 Users


Per Month

+Dedicated CSM
+Sales Consultancy

  • 12.000 Company Search Credits
  • 6.000 Contact Search Credits
  • 12.000 Sales Toolkit Credits
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