Ace your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) using customer profiling technographics

Updated on March 20, 2023

In this post, I will outline how customer profiling technographics can help you to really nail your ideal customer profile and to go beyond industry, location, and size.




  • CRM Integration and why your company needs it – CRM integration was implemented for saving user’s time and resources, that can be better spent elsewhere. We used our own software for targeting potential by technographics.
  • Technographics for better sales – Using the technographics option on the Sales.Rocks platform we found contacts for direct email and linkedin reachout.
  • Identify ICPs – research the competition and offer an alternative or complementary product


The case of CRM Integrations


We recently launched a new CRM integration for Zoho CRM, a CRM that is used by more than 50M users worldwide. The integration allows direct export from the  Sales.Rocks database to Zoho CRM for Sales professionals to start their direct prospecting in seconds.

Now we can wait and hope that our landing pages get sufficient traffic for professionals to make use of that. But we wanted to push this a bit faster: Part of the go-to-market strategy was to reach out to users of Zoho CRM in the Netherlands.

How can we achieve that?

You guessed it, this is where technographics come in.


Customer Profiling Technographics for Sales Enablement


Technographics are mainly identified by the code in the header of a website, but they could also be elements placed anywhere on the page.

So let us try to give this a shot: We want to target companies in the Netherlands with up to 500 employees and mainly in the B2B space. Below is an example input on the selected filters.



Technographics SaaS Sales.Rocks



From here we get a total of 502 companies. We can now find the direct contacts for LinkedIn or Email reach out. SDRs using this kind of selection can make great conversions using highly targeted outbound campaigns.


Identifying your ICPs with competing or complementary technologies


Let us try to do this a step further. What about complementary or competing technologies?

In the case of Sales.Rocks we focus strongly on outbound activities. But there are great inbound SaaS solutions available for sales teams to use. In recent years, IP tracking for visitors that come to your website is a must-have. Companies like Albacross, Leadfeeder, Leadinfo, and others provide great insights on who is visiting your website. Clearly, the companies using this kind of technology already have invested in inbound technologies to enhance the efficiency of their SDRs but might be willing to look into outbound ways as well.

So let’s give it a shot and see what a search on these plugins in the Netherlands yields. Once more we select again up to 500 employees in the Netherlands as you can see in the screenshot below.


Technographic filter Sales.Rocks


The platform provides almost 900 companies in the Netherlands that are using IP recognition technologies. For any SaaS company that is looking for clients that use competing or complementary technologies, this provides outstanding value.

From here the contacts or accounts can be downloaded as CRM, added to an Email sequence or exported to your CRM.




During the next months, the specific technology version will be added to the technology version. With this, you can look for an outdated version which could then be used for targeting slow or outdated websites for SEO or Web design services.


What would be your applications for technographics?

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