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Find, validate and email prospects – without limits.


Public Official, Legal Entity Data

200+ Million Records

Email Warmer

Flawless Integration Among Modules

One-Liner Personalization



Limited to LinkedIn Data

Limited Data Coverage

Not available

Non-Optimized Workflow

Not available

Sales.Rocks vs Snov.io

A word on the Data Sources.

Snov.io’s Data Sources for Outreach Automation

Snov.io has two extensions for Chrome to find emails – Email Finder and LI Prospect Finder.

To find emails from websites, (except LіnkedІn), you can use the Email Finder extension.

You have to download this extension from Chrome web store.

Sales.Rocks has similar Chrome extension that offers company & contact emails + additional insights from any website.

То be able to actually find leads on LіnkedІn using Snov.io, you will need to manually install a new “LI Prospect Finder extension” alongside the Snov.io “Email Finder”.

This extension comes in a zip archive that you have to download to your computer, unpack the zip folder and upload it to your Chrome browser.

And then some additional steps to take before you start using it.

Data source:  limited to LinkedIn only.

Snov.io’s Domain Search tries to find email addresses attached to a specific web domain.

You write the name of the domain (e.g. Sales.Rocks.com) and Snovio collects the emails (when available).

The results are people’s names + job positions. You have to select them and add them to a list to initiate an email search. Once added to a list, it gives you their email addresses and it tells you which ones are valid and which are “unverifiable”  – (email suggestions).

=You get 3 data points on your prospects: Their names + job positions + email addresses (when valid and available).

Data source: limited to website domains you already know.

What about all the other prospects out there?

⚪ Sales.Rocks has a huge Business Database as part of the platform. Including 115 + Million Companies from 213 countries to choose from and to filter down contacts that fit your Ideal Customer Profile.

That’s our main data source.

⚪ Get the LinkedIn profiles of your prospects and the ability to directly connect /or message them!

⚪ Understand your prospects better with 50 different Data Points and information on their companies and the people working inside them.

⚪ Perform all your sales processes from one place! Automate your prospecting, personalization, and cold outreach all from one central platform that integrates with the email provider you already use!

Take a look at our Filtering System 👇



System by

Sales.Rocks vs Snov.io

Sales.Rocks’ features that Snov.io’s doesn’t offer



Sales Enablement.

Drip Campaigns

Reach your prospects on email and LinkedIn simultaneously from the same automated campaign and get 65% increase in outreach response rate! Drag and Drop actions, triggers, and delays to craft ideal campaign sequence.


Get a 45% increase in reply rates by turning every email into a unique experience for each prospect, automatically. Use merge tags, AI generated email opening lines to help you write personalized intro, or dynamic images.

Email Warmer

Avoid the spam folder! Warm up your new (or mature) email domain to escape the spam folder and ensure 95% deliverability rate.

This is why we do, what we do.

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succeed. 🧡

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Keno Hellmann
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” Sales.Rocks is the Swiss Army Knife for Online Research and I’d recommend it to anybody who tries to find new opportunities. I sent out 50 E-Mails on the first day of using Sales Rocks and I received 4 new Backlinks within a week and 15 in total. “

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