Supported by the official company registries and top-notch sales and marketing intelligence

Full coverage in countries relevant to your business
Company records available for download
Available Data records in 50 different fields
Save time and prospect more efficiently

Sales and Marketing Enablement tool

< Sales.Rocks for Sales >
Spend less time on finding the right contact person and focus on prospect conversion and closing the deal
Gain access to full contacts
Reach out to the right people
Get updated in-house database for any request
Have full CRM Integration
< Sales.Rocks for Marketing >
The Marketing Enablement Tool

Regardless of how good your marketing strategy is, data quality is crucial for better performance.

Find new accounts and contacts that fit the requirements of your ideal customer profile
Increase conversion by enriching personalized web content
Qualify your leads by enriching them with full person and company profiles

Sales and Marketing Enablement tool database

< Sales.Rocks for Recruitment >
The Recruitment Enabler

Refine your talent search by key parameters to easily target companies or individuals to find your next A-Player.

Find the right profiles
Build filtered lists based on different criteria
Find key contact information
Improve existing database
< Sales.Rocks for Developers >
Integrate Sales.Rocks’ features directly into your Software to start running a powerful business data

Integrate Sales.Rocks’ Data directly into the Blueprint of your Business Processes

Easy-to-use API Integration
PHP and Python Documentation api

< How can you benefit from our Sales and Marketing Enablement Tool >
We’ve helped sales and marketing departments increase their yearly efficiency by 205%

Time Savings

Sales.Rocks brings all the prospecting info into one, easy-to-use interface. Just focus on selling to the right prospects and supporting customers.

Revenue Increase

More scheduled meetings, improved hit rate and shortened sales cycle increase your sales velocity, thus bringing more sales to your team.

Happy Colleagues

Your Sales & Marketing teams waste a lot of time finding and analyzing cold prospects. Sales.Rocks eliminates these time wasters.

Improved Hit-Rate

Sales.Rocks focuses your sales efforts on more qualified and more current prospects, reaching out to the key-decision maker and closing more sales.

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