Fastest way
to find relevant business contacts.

Find key contacts and their direct contact information in a matter of seconds to fill your sales pipeline and enhance your account-based sales.

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Contact Search

Looking for
a Faster Way to
Fill in Your Sales Pipeline?

Find all relevant contacts and their direct contact information
in a matter of seconds.

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200+ M Contact records

Search through our extensive contact database to find contacts even in the smallest companies

Hierarchy and Departments

Filter your search by job title, department and hierarchy to find the key-decision makers.

Direct Contact details

Get the email to reach out to the right person directly with a personalized approach.

Technology Filter

Extend your target search and discover prospects by the web technologies they use.

The Contact Search Module

With the advanced filtering system and quarterly updates, we make sure you get the latest available B2B data with all the necessary contact information and sales signals to improve your ongoing automated prospecting.

Make sure you never contact the same person twice. Build your ideal business contact list and share it with your team so that you are all on the same page.


Contacts with direct emails
contact search business database contact profile
business contact search filters

Filter only relevant data

Find Contacts in eCommerce
at Director level
that use AWS
in the Netherlands
in companies with more than 50 employees.

This is where manual research ends and real, automated prospecting begins.

More Leads, more booked Meetings, more closed Deals. Start your Trial for €7 or schedule an Assessment Call with our team and get a trial account for free.

Full automation platform

Stop switching between different platforms

Email and LinkedIn Outreach

Add your lead lists directly to a sequence

Stop the endless import and export of data. You can have your lead lists created and pushed directly to an outreach sequence with advanced triggers on emails combined with automated LinkedIn actions.

Hyper-personalized approach

Get noticed by your unique message

Increase your open rates with hyper-personalization of your email and landing page content. Add dynamic images, company logos and tags to create personalized experience for your prospects and boost your conversion rate.



How Contact Search
helped our clients

Contact Search for SEO
“Sales.Rocks is the Swiss Army Knife for Online Research and I’d recommend it to anybody who tries to find new opportunities the oldschool way.”
Keno Hellmann

Founder at

Frequently Asked

What do I get for 1 Contact Credit?

You can use one Contact Credit to get the general contact information about a person like their full name, job title, social media profile links, but also their direct business email address if available. The full-contact profile includes also the company information they are working for and the used web technologies in that company.

Can I choose different industries?

Yes! You can filter the contact by job position in different industries by using different industry-specific codes like the SIC codes for the American market and the NACE codes for the European market, you can also use industry tags and industry specialties related to the LinkedIn specialties to really narrow down an industry-specific search.

Can I have different lead lists?

The Contact Search Tool provides the option for the customer to save desired business contact lists as user-specific lead lists or company shared lead lists. You can create as many different lists as you need and use this advantage to keep track of the ordered contact and use different filters for each list.

Is there a Trial?

We offer a 7 days trial for 7 Euro with full access to the entire platform.

Is the data GDPR compliant?

The Sales.Rocks Database is an in-house B2B Database, that searches through the web, then we filter and overlay the information that is publicly available and strictly work with business-related data to ensure GDPR compliance to the highest level. Every person included in our database will be notified that their information is available to Sales.Rocks users and has the right to request data removal from our database. For more info on how we comply with the GDPR check our Legal section.

How can I pay?

Besides the regular card payment methods, you can choose between Stripe, PayPal, iDeal & GoCardless. Check out the pricing plans and payment options on our Pricing Page.

Do I need to verify the email found with the Contact Search?

All emails found via the Contact Search on the Sales.Rocks Platform are being verified before uploaded on the platform. As a user, you can check the latest email verification date in the contact profile itself. When uploading external emails on the Sales.Rocks Platform we advise you to use the Email Verifier before your final upload. This way you can make sure you only work with recently verified emails.

Use our Contact Database and
build the ideal business contact list for your business.

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