Email Drip Campaigns for automated outreach

Make your email campaigns highly-personalized with a

set of triggers and conditions according to the recipient’s action

< Email Drip Campaigns Module >
Send out any email from the sequence according to the lead’s action.
< Email Drip-Campaigns Module >
Send out any email from the sequence according to the lead’s action.
< Easy Email Editor >

Drag and drop your campaign flow

Implement full email automation with easy-to-use email drip campaigns builder and helpful triggers and conditions that will maximize your delivery and email personalization.


Use the custom conditions to send emails with the right signals at the right time.


< Sales.Rocks Data >
Send direct messages to your Sales.Rocks leads

Use the Company Search or Contact Search modules to find direct contact details of your prospects. Save a list based on your preferences.

Craft your email campaigns and control what’s in your drip campaign flow. Alternatively you can import your own leads via .csv document or google sheets.

< Omni-channel Outreach >

Automated & Personalized outreach at scale

Stop sending out follow-up email just using the same channel. Try various channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, calling but also Whatsapp.

Use the custom conditions from the various channels to send messages with the right signals at the right time.

< Drip Campaign Customisation>
Scale your email outreach and track your performance

Create smart drip campaigns with if/else condition based on events like open or clicks.


Use customized GIFs and Emojis to really engage your target leads.


Use triggers and delay to create sequences that span multiple weeks.


Use the reports and A/B testing to gain insight into your performance and ROI.


< Drip Campaigns FAQ >
The answers to your questions.

What are the applications for the Drip Campaigns?

There are plenty of applications: Book meetings, get backlinks, use it for recruitment, try to get referrals and pretty sure you can think of more.

The Drip Campaigns only work with Email?

For now just email, but later this quarter we will be adding integration with LinkedIn, SMS, Whatsapp and even calling! Stay tuned.

What is the cost of the module?

For now its free while we are in beta, but this will change later this quarter and become a standalone application or be integrated with our packages.

Can I schedule my emails?

Yes sure, attach your timezones and preferred sending times.

How can I prevent to write to competitors?

You can use the block domain or block email option to prevent specific emails or domains to be contacted.

Is the Drip Campaigns module GDPR compliant?

Yes it it! You can also add your opt-out code in there.