Sales.Rocks – Vainu alternative for all-in-one prospecting tool with access to worldwide data

Vainu is a reputable data provider with a focus on the Nordics region, providing valuable insights and information for businesses.

However, Sales.Rocks offers a more comprehensive and global solution, providing access to millions of records for companies and contacts worldwide.

In addition, Sales.Rocks also offers complementary tools for direct outreach and prospecting, making it a more versatile and valuable option for businesses looking to expand their reach and target new markets.

If you are looking for a tool that can cover your entire sales process with more data possibilities and outreach tools, you would like to have a look at our comparison between Vainu and Sales.Rocks here.


  • Full company profiles with direct contact data
  • Contact Database updates every 90 days
  • 148+ Million global company data coverage
  • Full access to the entire global database
  • At least 1000 direct contacts per month
  • Unlimited prospect list creation
  • CRM integrations with Webhooks
  • Image personalization tool
  • Domain warming tool
  • Email + LinkedIn outreach tools



  • Focus on company profiles for account targeting
  • Company Database updates every 60 days
  • 74.1 Million global company data coverage
  • Additional charge on access for Nordic data
  • Charging per each 1000 downloads yearly
  • Charging per 10 list creations
  • Direct CRM integrations
  • No personalization tools
  • No domain warming tool
  • No outreach tools available

Pricing comparison Sales.Rocks vs. Vainu


Vainu offers yearly subscriptions for access to their global data starting from €12,000, which are determined by different the number of company lists you want to have available to create (starting with 10), the number of companies you want to match between your CRM and Vainu (from 10.000), and the company downloads you’ll need per year (starting from 1000). The level of access to features and the number of records available is notably lower in comparison to Sales.Rocks.

For their Norics data, your would need an additional subscription starting at €4,200 on a yearly contract with the same variables for the rest of the features except for the matching of the company data with your CRM, which is starting at 1000 fro the Nordics integration.

As an alternative to Vainu, Sales.Rocks offers a larger amount of credits for data access that are renewed each month, and unlimited access to outreach and prospecting features: Email Warmer, Bulk extractor for enriching data, an entire module for outreach via email and LinkedIn, and additional options that are limited only on fair usage.

Data pricing

Each data profile at Vainu will cost you around €1.2 per company that will be matched and enriched in your CRM. If you use Vainu only as an external data source the price per company goes up to €12 for the exported record. 

Sales.Rocks pricing per data profile, either for direct contact/lead or a company will cost from 0.2 to 0.06 depending on whether you get access to the Starter or the SMBs subscription and there are no limits on the access to the databases from different countries.

Company Data

Vainu offers a good amount of data for the Nordic region with about 5.13 Million company records in their database. The focus is mainly on account bases, meaning they process and collect only company data without direct employee contact information.

Data points

Connected to their company database, Vainu provides comprehensive information on firmographics, technology, and website data for the companies crawled with their scraping technology.

Sales insides

Vainu claims to provide information about events from news outlets, and job postings as sales triggers, which can be used for assumed sales insides for the companies.

Sales.Rocks Data from Company registries

The Sales.Rocks database derives its information from the company registries and chambers of commerce of various countries. Certain governments offer unrestricted access to b2b data, including company registration numbers, and basic profiles (such as phone, website, industry, financial figures, and contact persons), which are sourced from these channels.

Open sources data

Sales.Rocks collects publicly available b2b data to complement an established business profile of direct contacts and enhance it with supplementary information from public sources and search engine findings.

Data from Company Websites

The company website serves as an additional source for verifying and ensuring the accuracy of data. Algorithms and scripts are utilized to read the website’s content and make necessary updates to business profiles.

LinkedIn information

LinkedIn information is used to update a business profile, including company activities, employee count, job titles, LinkedIn profiles, and other relevant details.

Multichannel Drip Campaigns

☑️ Create drip campaigns with an easy-to-use “Drag and Drop” campaign builder based on conditions such as email opens, link clicks, or other trigger events.

☑️ Insert LinkedIn actions into the mix for a multichannel approach and a 50% increase in the chances of your message actually reaching your prospects.

All of this – on automation.


❌ Vainu doesn’t offer a Drip Campaign Module as part of their software soultion.

Sales.Rocks multichannel drip campaigns

Send direct messages to your leads, straight from Sales.Rocks platform

Additional benefits of choosing
Sales.Rocks over Vainu.


Email Warmer

Warm up your new (or mature) email domain to escape the spam folder and ensure 95% deliverability rate.


Turn every email into a unique experience for each prospect, automatically. Use dynamic text, images, or landing pages for a 45% increase in reply rate.

Chrome Extension

Grab company & contact data on the fly off of any website directly from your browser. Add all the contact info in your lead list, then drip campaign in two clicks.

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Sales.Rocks G2 review
Efrat Dekel2
Efrat Dekel.
B2B Growth & Linkedin Marketer.

“The bulk extractor has helped me in finally identifying direct e-mails from my LinkedIn leads. I’ve been looking for such a feature for months, but I am glad that Sales.Rocks were able to help me out in finding direct e-mails for over 70% of my LinkedIn prospects.”

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