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Which B2B Prospecting Solution better suits your business needs?


115M+ Company Records

Email Warmer 🔥

Phone/Email Verifier

Drip Campaigns

50 Data Points



10M Company Records

Not Available

Only Email Verifier

Not Available

16 Data Points

Warm up your emails to avoid the spam folder,
increase your email reputation and & reach more prospects.

Sales.Rocks Email Warmer Dashboard

The Email Warmer 🔥

New member on your team means a new email address.

A new email address that sends out more than 15-30 emails per day signals a SPAM ALERT to the email service providers.

The result? = Emails land in the spam folder, your email sender reputation is tarnished and your recipients never see your message.

☑️ Email warming increases your daily email activity automatically and in a natural way, allowing you to send more emails that are guaranteed to reach the inbox.

You can warm a new email or you can improve the deliverability of a mature one. Adjust the email warmer settings for each email account based on current progress.

❌ Cognism doesn’t offer the Email Warmer module as part of its software solution.

Multichannel Drip Campaigns

Create “Drag and Drop” Drip Campaigns based upon conditions such as email opens, link clicks, or other trigger events.

Add LinkedIn actions into your campaign to reach your prospects across different channels simultaneously.

Condition 1.

They opened your email

Action: Send a LinkedIn connection request.

Condition 2.

They didn’t open your email

Action: Follow up with a second email.

Condition 3.

They accepted the connection

Action: Send Direct Message on LinkedIn.

❌Cognism doesn’t offer a Drip Campaign Module.


increase in chances of your message actually reaching your prospects.
Sales.Rocks multichannel drip campaigns

Cognism Alternative: What Sales.Rocks offers additionally

…that Cognism doesn’t


Bulk Extractor

Enrich the incomplete data you already have for a full contact profile. Your leads are only as good as the data you have on them.


Treat each prospect as the authenitc human they are. Use merge tags, dynamic images and landing pages for a 45% increase in reply rate.

Phone Verifier

Are you Cold Calling & SMS? Have the correct carrier data: Status, Location, Local & International Format, Type, Country, Carrier and Time Zone of the phone number.

We are satisfied when you’re successful.

Sales.Rocks G2 review

Selle Evans
Masterly Business Solutions.

“Being able to drill down and do searches based on what I’m looking for is so awesome. I love that it’s an all-in-one solution that is only going to get better. I truly love what the Sales.Rocks team is doing. Where else will you get contact lists, automation, and personalization for images and websites all in the same place?”

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Do it all
in one single tool
with Sales.Rocks.

All-in-one platform for your Sales and Marketing teams: Lead Generation, Multichannel Prospecting, Lead Nurturing, Upselling with ABM, and more.