Sales.Rocks vs. Cognism – Alternative for a more accurate and flexible sales prospecting tool

Cognism is powerful software, but it may not be the optimal choice when it comes to sales prospecting. Sales.Rocks as an alternative offers more comprehensive features as an all-in-one tool for prospecting. Cognism is a strong European data provider, however, those in search of accurate data and software for sales automation should consider Sales.Rocks.


  • 115 million companies worldwide
  • 2 email + 2 Linkedin connections/user
  • Email and Phone verification tools
  • Multi-channel sales outreach tools
  • CRM integrations with Webhooks
  • Image personalization tool
  • Domain warming tool



  • 15 million company records
  • No sales automation features
  • Focused on Data
  • No outreach options
  • Sales Enablement Integrations
  • No personalization tools
  • No domain warming tool

Pricing comparison Sales.Rocks vs. Cognism

Pricing packages

There is no information on the Cognism website about their pricing packages. Other sources state that Cognism pricing starts at $15,000 for a yearly plan, which is the only billing option at Cognism.

At Sales.Rocks pricing comes in 3 packages according to the team, company size, and the general needs for prospecting of the business. All 3 packages come with half-yearly and annual subscriptions with full onboarding and fair usage of the outreach features.

How is data collected at Cognism?

Cognism uses both first and third-party sources to provide data.

Proprietary Data Collection Methods.

Cognism’s first data layer is comprised of community-sourced data. This data is provided by members of their community, which matches contact information found in signature blocks to business professionals in Cognism’s database.

Publicly available information

For business data, Cognism utilizes public sources such as corporate websites, job postings, news feeds etc.

Proprietary machine learning

Cognism uses machine learning models to track digital infrastructure of companies, and cross-reference this data with job postings to gain insight into technologies used by companies.

Collaborative parties

Cognism gets data from partner providers as well for supporting data like intent data and sales event triggers.

What is the source of Sales.Rocks data?

At Sales.Rocks we also work with different data sources and generate AI technology to complete a business profile.

Sales.Rocks Data from Company registries

Sales.Rocks database is sourced from public company registries and chambers of commerce around the world, with certain governments offering full access to business-to-business data. This includes company registration numbers, contact people, financial figures, phone numbers, websites and industry information.

Open sources data

Sales.Rocks collects open-source b2b data to compare and supplement business profiles with information from public sources and online search engine results.

Data from Company Websites

We use algorithms and scripts to update business profiles, and one avenue for collecting additional information is a company’s website.

LinkedIn information

LinkedIn information is linked to a business profile and its details such as the company activities, current employee number, job titles, LinkedIn profiles and other descriptions are updated.

Warm up your emails to avoid the spam folder,
increase your email reputation and & reach more prospects.

Sales.Rocks Email Warmer Dashboard

The Email Warmer 🔥

New member on your team means a new email address.

A new email address that sends out more than 15-30 emails per day signals a SPAM ALERT to the email service providers.

The result? = Emails land in the spam folder, your email sender reputation is tarnished and your recipients never see your message.

☑️ Email warming increases your daily email activity automatically and in a natural way, allowing you to send more emails that are guaranteed to reach the inbox.

You can warm a new email or you can improve the deliverability of a mature one. Adjust the email warmer settings for each email account based on current progress.

❌ Cognism doesn’t offer the Email Warmer module as part of its software solution.

Multichannel Drip Campaigns

Create “Drag and Drop” Drip Campaigns based upon conditions such as email opens, link clicks, or other trigger events.

Add LinkedIn actions into your campaign to reach your prospects across different channels simultaneously.

Condition 1.

They opened your email

Action: Send a LinkedIn connection request.

Condition 2.

They didn’t open your email

Action: Follow up with a second email.

Condition 3.

They accepted the connection

Action: Send Direct Message on LinkedIn.

❌Cognism doesn’t offer a Drip Campaign Module.


increase in chances of your message actually reaching your prospects.
Sales.Rocks multichannel drip campaigns

What Sales.Rocks offers alternatively to Cognism?


Bulk Extractor

Enrich the incomplete data you already have for a full contact profile. Your leads are only as good as the data you have on them.


Treat each prospect as the authenitc human they are. Use merge tags, dynamic images and landing pages for a 45% increase in reply rate.

Phone Verifier

Are you Cold Calling & SMS? Have the correct carrier data: Status, Location, Local & International Format, Type, Country, Carrier and Time Zone of the phone number.

We are satisfied when you’re successful.

Sales.Rocks G2 review

Selle Evans
Masterly Business Solutions.

“Being able to drill down and do searches based on what I’m looking for is so awesome. I love that it’s an all-in-one solution that is only going to get better. I truly love what the Sales.Rocks team is doing. Where else will you get contact lists, automation, and personalization for images and websites all in the same place?”

data driven growth hacking tool

Do it all
in one single tool
with Sales.Rocks.

All-in-one platform for your Sales and Marketing teams: Lead Generation, Multichannel Prospecting, Lead Nurturing, Upselling with ABM, and more.