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For beginners at Sales

Get access to Beginners Guides, How-Tos, Automation Tools and Step-by-Step manuals


Learn how to implement Automation & Scraping Techniques, Templates and more

Sales Experts

Learn best practices for Sales Automation, Acount-Based Sales, Social Selling & Outreach

Learn the basics for full cycle sales

Sales.Rocks Certified Sales Playbook Course

Get certified as Sales Professional by covering all the latest Sales techniques and practices from Prospecting & Automation to running successful Discovery and Demo Calls, and Closing the Deal.

The Sales Playbook - Certified course from Sales.Rocks Academy
Course on Cold Email Outreach Basics and Beyond

Cold Outreach and Emailing

Sales.Rocks Certified Cold Emailing Course

Cover the basics and beyond for your next cold email outreach. You’ll learn tips & tricks from warming up your sending domain to crafting the best performing email templates, scheduling your sequences at the right moment to the proper ICPs.

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We strive to bring sales automation and enablement closer to all teammates of sales teams with different sizes, backgrounds, knowledge, and experience.

After completing a course you will officially be certified as knowledgeable for implementation of the practices for Sales.Rocks and Sales in general.

Each course comes with a shareable certificate, which you can directly add to your LinkedIn profile, share it via email, and download as pdf or png file.

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Complete your sales course and add your Certificate directly to your LinkedIn portfolio. You can share your new sales skills with your LinkedIn network with a single click directly though the link of your Sales.Rocks Certificate.


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