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Email verifier & Phone Verifier.

Everything you need to get the right information for your prospecting.

Verify your email list

Lower your bounce rate by having a clean email list that you can rely on. Upload and validate your emails list. By using a multi step email validation system you can can be sure that your message will reach the right inbox everytime.

Syntax check      Format check      Domain check

Disposable Email check      MX record check

SMTP Authentification      Catch-all check



More options for better results

We’ve integrated the TheChecker and Verifybee email verifier tools in addition to the native Sales.Rocks Email Verifier, to give you even more options for the emails you work with.

Use your API-key from the prefered tools and check the emails through Sales.Rocks.

Call the right number

Before you engage a lead, make sure you have the right number. Let us find that out for you. Phone number verification is important for contacting the right person at the right time. Verify a single phone number or in bulk to quickly engage your leads.

Status      Geolocation      Dialling code

Time Zone      Network Type      Carrier


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What's the process of verification of the emails?

Our email verification process involves several steps to deliver the most accurate result:

First we check if the email is blacklisted and marked as spam. Then we check the syntax and format of the email address. The following step is to check if the domain exists and is able to receive emails and finally if the individuals mailbox exists. Additionally, we check for a catch all status and if the email address is disposable.

What kind of information do I get in the results?

The Sales.Rocks email verifier provides the following information for every verified email address:

Format, Type, Disposable status, Email Provider, Catch All status, Email status, Email server status and MX records status

Can I verify personal emails with the Email Verifier?

Yes. Our email verifier checks the status of every email and tells you if it is a business or private email.

Can I verify any type of number?

Yes. The Phone verifier can show results for both landline and mobile phone numbers, tell you their type, carrier, validity and more info on the entered number.

How much would if cost to validate an email or a phone number?

One verification request, whether for email or for phone number will cost one credit from your Sales Toolkit credit balance. Check the pricing page for more info on the Sales.Rocks credits and the pricing packages.