Chrome Extension for Data Extraction.

Contact information, Company data and Technographics
on every company website. Data extraction has never been easier!

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Find Valuable Prospects directly from your Browser.

Discover contacts in your target company, extract all the relevant company data and contact details including their email and phone number directly from your Chrome Browser.

Then simply add the new contacts to your prospecting lists and start your campaign.

Chrome extension contact data extraction
Chrome extension company data extraction

Gain Company Insights with Data Extraction.

See a detailed overview of the company you are researching, when you visit their website.

Improve your prospecting process and increase your productivity by having the information you need on the spot.

Contact Details
within a click.

Contact Details by Company Domain

The Sales.Rocks Chrome extension works through an API connection with our database, and finds all relevant contact data and company details about the domain you’ve landed on.

Directly add contacts to a Drip Campaign

Outreach has never been easier using the Chrome extension. With a click of a button it is now possible to add your newly found contacts to an existing Drip Campaign.

Direct Data export

Unlock contact profiles from the domain, then save and export the data into your prospect list file or export directly to your CRM.

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