There’s a smarter way to find emails.

The main differences between

Sales.Rocks             and    G2 badges and medals

Find professional emails + 50 additional pieces of information related to them.


Numerous Search Filters (Industry, Web-Technology, Hierarchy, etc.)

Email Campaigns support all email providers

Email Warmer – keeps your domain out of spam

Extensive API Access



Limited Search Filters

Email Campaigns limited to Gmail & GSuite

Not Available

Limited API’s

Sales.Rocks vs has 3 search options.

The way it works is – you already have a certain company in mind, you know their domain name ( and you enter it in the search field.

It gives you *just the email addresses related to that company in 3 different ways – All emails | Personal emails | or Generic emails, with a confidence score for each.

You enter the full name of your prospect + the domain name of their email address, e.g. John Doe @

Again, this only works when you already know the name and surname of your prospect + the name of their domain.

It gives you either the correct email address OR an assumption, a lucky guess, reminding you that: “The email address can’t be verified. We haven’t found this email on the web.”

You enter an article URL to find its author.

If the blog post is signed by the author’s entire name, you get a result of the correct or possible email address based on the name of the author + the domain name where the article is hosted.

Similar to the Email Finder. Most often than not, they remind you that – “The email address can’t be verified. We haven’t found this email on the web.”

If the article is not signed by the author’s complete name (e.g. only first name), you won’t get a result.

What about all the other companies out there?

⚪ Companies in a certain country or region, that are the perfect fit for your product/services, or a SaaS solution that you don’t know about?

⚪ What about all the professionals working in those companies, that you don’t know their first and last names? How can you find their email addresses?

Why only the email addresses? When there is so much additional information available.

See how Sales.Rocks outperforms in providing rich data information on your leads.

Know Everything About Your Prospects👇


Search options &
Filtering System.

Sales.Rocks Email Warmer


Warm Up your Account Before Sending Cold Emails

The Email Warmer

Avoid the SPAM folder and deliver your emails into the primary inbox of your prospects. Every single time.

Not limited to Gmail

Unlike which email campaigns are limited to Gmail only, with Sales.Rocks you are able to send and receive emails from almost any email provider with a quick SMTP/IMAP setup.

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The more info you have on your leads - the more meaningfully you can address them - the better the results. + Create offerings with dynamic content that changes for each prospect.

The Sales.Rocks API

You can enjoy our services with our simple and extensive API documentation and access to our features.

❌ doesn’t offer these features.

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“8 fully qualified opportunities in our target market and that’s from around 2 hours of work. Our target market are much larger companies so the order values are huge, one of which owns 6 smaller companies and our first order goes out to them next week.”

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