Sales.Rocks, Alternative for affordable, multi-channel outreach is a trusted email finding and verifying tool on the market that also offers email outreach services as part of their offering. However, if you are looking for a more flexible, multi-channel outreach tool, that also provides and verifies all the contact data needed for email and LinkedIn prospecting, Sales.Rocks is the tool for you.

We are comparing Sales.Rocks as an affordable, yet powerful alternative to

  • Unlimited Database searches
  • Email + Phone verification tool
  • Enrich entire contact profiles from different sources
  • Access and export of full company and contact profiles
  • Email + LinkedIn campaigns
  • Drip campaigns on fair usage
  • Custom Domain Tracking
  • Webhook integrations to CRM
  • Image personalization tool
  • Domain warming tool


  • Limited searches depending on plan
  • Email finding and verification
  • Search email addresses by domain and company name
  • Limited assess to full reports and exports
  • Email Campaigns
  • Limited to Recipients per campaign
  • Custom Domain tracking
  • No CRM integrations
  • No image personalization
  • No domain warming tool

Pricing & feature comparison Sales.Rocks vs.

Email Verification offers plans starting from €49 a month to €399 with different access to all features, charged on a monthly or yearly level. Each search per company domain or name will cost up to €0.098 and each email verification €0.049 for the smallest tier. Their bulk Domain Search is available for above €99 monthly.

As an alternative to, Sales.Rocks offers a larger amount of credits for data access that are renewed each month, unlimited searches through the entire database, and a Bulk extractor for enriching data using different sources: Company names and domains, LinkedIn direct URLs, and company profiles, and a phone verification tool, besides the email verification, staring from €0.06. Credits can be used for different purposes, from unlocking a full contact or company profile, to email or phone verifications, full contact enrichment, etc. 

Drip Campaigns offers an email campaign module that is limited to the number of recipients per campaign and access to different features according to the pricing plan, such as attachments & images in emails, link tracking, and custom tracking domain.

At Sales.Rocks you get access to the entire module for outreach via email, and LinkedIn, and additional options that are limited only on fair usage. Besides the usual custom tags and images for the campaigns, you can access the hyper-personalization module for layered images and videos, as well as full campaign reports. With Sales.Rocks you can do multi-channel outreach via Email and LinkedIn combined from a single sequence. search options

If you already have a certain list of company names or domains, you can do a single or bulk search to find the email addresses.

It’ll find the email addresses related to that company in 3 different ways – All emails | Personal emails | or Generic emails, with a confidence score for each.

You enter the full name of your prospect + the domain name of their email address, e.g. John Doe @

It gives you either the correct email address OR a possible email pattern that you’ll need to verify for the confidence score.

Sales.Rocks Bulk Extractor & online email generation

⚪ With Sales.Rocks you can enrich the entire company and direct contact profiles including their emails in bulk using lists from different sources.

⚪ A direct email address for the person is standardly included in the database and verified in a period of 90 days. If the email is not available for a contact, a possibility to generate an email pattern with a direct confidence score is available on Sales.Rocks without an additional cost.

⚪ All records that haven’t been verified in the past 90 days can be re-verified with a single click on the platform, for no extra charge.


Search options &
Filtering System.

Sales.Rocks Email Warmer


Warm Up your Account Before Sending Cold Emails

The Email Warmer

Avoid the SPAM folder and deliver your emails into the primary inbox of your prospects. Every single time.

Not limited to Email

You can accelerate your outreach and prospecting with a campaign of Email and LinkedIn combined.

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The more info you have on your leads - the more meaningfully you can address them - the better the results. + Create offerings with dynamic content that changes for each prospect.

The Sales.Rocks Webhooks

You can easily connect your CRM with your Sales.Rocks campaign results using Webhooks.

❌ doesn’t offer these features.

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