Data Driven approach to Marketing.

Increase your conversion rate with leads
based on your ideal customer profile.

Build a strong marketing database

Find and engage

Comprehensive data

Discover contacts and companies that perfectly match your client profile and get the data that will help you with lead engagement.

Detailed lead insights

Specific data attributes for more than 50 data points that you can use to accurately find and target high value leads.

Low-level data filtering

Faster and more productive lead generation with an advanced filtering system that saves you time and gives you more search options.

sales toolkit email bulk verification

Lower your bounce rates

Make sure you have the right info.

Email verification

Reach the right inbox by verifying your emails with a multi-step verification process for a guaranteed high delivery and low bounce rate.

Marketing automation at scale

Automate your email outreach.

Create your sequence

Create automated email campaigns and scale your outreach based on a set of conditions triggered by recipient actions.

Personalize your message

Make every email personal using specific data points and include appealing visuals tailored for every contact on your email list.

Analyse your results

Measure the success of your email campaigns by tracking your open, click and reply rates, and make changes to ensure the best results.

email sequences editor

Seamlessly transfer our data to your existing workflow

Intelligent Marketing

Increase Response rates & CTRs

Implement smart marketing with email & LinkedIn automation.
+35% avg. Response Rate on your email sequences.


High Open Rates from your leads with content according to their interest.

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Find out how our data helps your marketing driven decisions

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