We have experienced up to 65% increase in sales revenue per rep using Sales.Rocks B2B Data.


Your Sales Team should focus on prospecting and not on finding or analyzing leads. Give your team access to most accurate B2B sales lead database with Sales.Rocks.


We can increase data accuracy of your sales leads up to 81%, meaning less time is wasted by your agents.

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Analyse white space and identify new prospects

Create your ideal prospect profiles to better understand the potential of your target market. Then, push new prospects directly to your CRM or Marketing Automation Platform.
Validate and enrich your company database

Remove outdated, redundant and spam data. Update existing records with accurate and detailed company info. Enable your database for automated data validation and enrichment.
Segment and target companies the smart way

Receive detailed insights on your target prospects and reach audience with similar requirements, while prioritizing fast-scaling companies.
Manage your Sales Territory more effectively

Connect hierarchical ownership info to link parent accounts or subsidiaries for sales territories. Use lead scoring to prioritize companies to ensure fair distribution of key prospects.
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for White Space Analysis

Identify net-new prospects by expanding your company’s addressable market via white space mapping while specifically targeting prospects that are currently off your radar. Make a fine balance between coverage, granularity and noise reduction. White Space analysis enables companies to increase their market share in a crowded environment or find a gap to increase sales.

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for CRM Data Enrichment

Select Enrichment Data Points

Select the variables that you want to have enriched such as email, URL, contacts, etc.

Connect CRM Data

Connect your CRM data via API mapping or data upload with a spreadsheet.

Receive back enriched data

Our sophisticated platform delivers fully enriched records directly into your CRM or to an Excel sheet.
CRM Data Enrichment

sales lead database

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for CRM Data Hygiene

Ensure that your CRM and marketing automation systems are completed with accurate firmographic and financial data by cleansing, adding and deduplicating data. Customer data becomes outdated very quickly due to human factor invalid entry. Regular database cleansing is essential for maintaining the quality of your database, while improving your sales efforts and keeping costs down.

Connect Your CRM Data

Improve your marketing potential by integrating the database with the CRM.

Map Validation Fields

Select the fields from your list, that should be validated such as email, contact details, website, etc.

Receive Back Checks

Then, the platform automatically flags inaccurate fields and allows to run an enrichment flow.
Your all-in-one sales tool for boosting conversion and revenue
Sales+ Stack

Email Finder

Let us find all direct contact email addresses based on your search criteria such as job title, technologies, industries, region or company size.

Email Checker

Avoid bounce rates by directly checking your list of emails, automatically sorting working emails and eliminating dead ones.

Domain Search

Track direct and general emails by inserting the specific domain into the platform.

Email Guesser

Get the name and domain of your potential prospect with our Email Guesser and find direct emails based on known domain patterns.
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Sales.Rocks provides various integrations with CRM packages and Automation systems
Sales Rocks CRM Integration

Push and pull dynamic data from and into your CRM to enjoy the full use of sales prospecting.

We have integrated Sales.Rocks into the Zoho and Salesforce Marketplace, and data can be accessed directly from your CRM.

Our integration with Zoho Flow and Zapier links Sales.Rocks data with over 350 sales applications.

Higher individual sales person quota attainment

More effective at finding, training and retaining sales talent

More effective at improving productivity with technology

The detailed sales content equips your sales team with training and knowledge.

Sales & Marketing Resources

Get access to our vast repository of sales and marketing materials for data-driven implementations, and sales & marketing blueprints.

Access our Sales.Rocks Webinars

Generate more leads on your website using numerous proven strategies.

Get deals and beta access

Our strategic platform will help you seal more deals and give you insight into future features.
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