Find, engage and close prospects with
a Sales Platform you can rely on.

+65% Increased Revenue

Up to 65% increase in sales revenue per rep using Sales.Rocks B2B Data.

  • Boost Sales Processes
  • Target the Ideal Customers

+45% Sales Productivity

Let your Sales Team focus on prospecting and not on finding or analyzing leads.

  • Create Relevant Lead Lists in Minutes
  • Import Them Into Your CRM

+95% Data Accuracy

We can increase the data accuracy of your sales leads by up to 95%.

  • Overlayed and regularly updated
  • Reliable source of information

Are you a Sales or Account Manager?

Enable your team with the knowledge and prospecting techniques needed to close the deal.
Get free access to our Sales Academy though an Assessment Call with our team.

Get access to the latest, accurate B2B information and use it to your advantage.

Fill your sales pipeline with all the relevant data for your business.
Boost your sales into your relevant market.

One-stop Solution
For your entire 
sales life cycle.

Sales Life Cycle Coverage

Take advantage of Sales Automation.

Outbound Sales processes are more than just reaching out to the right prospect, but also leading the prospect from the top to the end of the sales funnel. Automation of the processes will enable you to reach out to the right person at the right time, with the right message, and ensure replies.


Sales Enablement Platform




Receive fully enriched records that you can push into your CRM or download in an Excel sheet, instantly.

Drip Campaigns

Implement full email and LinkedIn automation for the highest outreach response rate.

Drip Campaigns
Ideal Prospects

Narrow down high-intent prospects for your business by using 50+ filters to create micro-targeted lead lists.

Email Warmer

Avoid the spam folder, increase your email reputation and deliver each mail in the main inbox.

Email Warmer

What services does your target audience use? Select from hundreds of technologies to find opportunities.


Use dynamic (changeable) text, images, and greetings tailored to each prospect.



Make your outreach campaigns stand out from the crowd. Get replies.

Automated Email Sequences

Set up your outbound outreach on autopilot. With different channels for outreach, such as emails, LinkedIn actions, and spiced with hyper-personalized content – your campaign will differ from ordinary email campaigns.

Multi-channel Sales

Avoid being the spammer and plan out your outreach as most human-like as possible. Use different channels, timing, and approaches to reach out to your potential customers and experiment with different call-to-actions.

Nurture like a Pro

Create personalized content for your outreach. Personalize as much as possible using dynamic content with images and custom tags to catch the attention of your prospect. Make use of our database variables like screenshots, logos, titles, and more, left at your disposal.

data driven growth hacking tool


Higher conversion rates.

Assure that your efforts will return greater value to the business.

Target exactly those people that are interested in your product or services and increase your conversion rates. Sales.Rocks’ filtering mechanism is user-friendly, precise, and accurate. Our database allows you to save different filtering preferences and contact lists which are great options to have for any sales executive or manager.


A must-have feature to ensure that you have
the best email addresses to contact.

Valid emails from a public source (95-100%)

These are validated emails that have a direct, public source and the email server can receive messages on this address.

Email with a corporate pattern (75-94%)

For these emails, we have found a corporate email pattern and the email server is responsive. If an employee email from a certain company is with a firstname@domain email pattern, our system offers email suggestions for other employees on record with the same email format. Then, these email addresses are verified if they are valid or not.

Catch-all emails (60-74%)

Emails in this group have a catch-all status, meaning that even though the email server was contacted a corporate email format can’t be determined.

Email suggestion (1-59%)

The platform algorithms offer email suggestions, but no existing corporate email pattern was determined. The given emails are pattern suggestions you can take and verify for further use.

sales database prospect information