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Partner up with us or become an Affiliate
For Sales and Business Development Agencies

Mutual benefits from Sales Experts. Partner up with us and support your clients with a follow-up supply and cold calling Engine.

For Marketing Agencies

Introduce your clients with an additional source of Lead Generation. Open a new door to outbound prospecting and combine lead streams for maximum conversions.

Grow your business

Get access to B2B Data and an all-in-one Sales Automation Platform for your own business development.

Sales.Rocks B2B Database

As a Leading B2B Data Provider, Sales.Rocks gives access to clients and partners to the most comprehensive B2B Database, not only for the European region but also for the Americas and worldwide. The data allows you to create Prospecting Lists with the option to narrow down your data search by very specific company attributes. Clients can use the access to enrich their existing client database and explore new niche markets.


Leave the Prospecting up to Sales.Rocks

We’ll provide you and your clients with the tools you need to prepare for the prospecting and have high-quality data at your fingertips. With the Filtering and List creation, you can use Sales.Rocks to curate ready-to-reach Lead Lists with all of the contact information and signals needed to have a successful outreach. Your clients can target prospects from different industries, working on specific decision-making job positions, in niche companies that would fit the ideal customer profile.

Your Outreach Partner

With a combination of tools for email and LinkedIn outreach, Sales.Rocks can be a go-to software for automated prospecting. We’ll provide the proper expertise and training to you so that you get the most out of your outreach and also showcase the benefits to your clients.


Become a Partner

Step 1.

Referral or Contractor Partner?

Depending on the nature of your business, as well as the use case of your clients, you can become either a Referral or a Contractor Partner. Both have different benefit structure, allowing you to choose your way or collaboration.

Option 1

Becoming a Contractor Partner

We can work together with your clients! We'll provide you with all the tools needed to reach success from our mutual collaboration. A designated Partner Manager, full access to Sales.Rocks and access to the Partner Dashboard is just the starter kit.

Option 2

Becoming a Referral Partner

You feel like you can get the most out of referring Sales.Rocks to your clients? You can join as a Referral Partner and get commission based benefits from every new client you introduce to Sales.Rocks.

Sales.Rocks Partner Dashboard

Follow your stats on the Partner Dashboard. You’ll have an overview of all your invites, closed deals, commission rates, and coupons from in a single view, where you can track your success.


What’s included in the Partnership?


As a Sales.Rocks Referral Partner, we can work together on inviting new clients to the Sales.Rocks Platform, based on commission.

  • Access to Partner Dashboard
  • Agree on Commission for New Clients
  • Possibility for discount on your Sales.Rocks subscription

Contractor Partner

As our Contactor you will work with us on new clients and have additional benefits.

  • Access to Partner Dashboard
  • Agree on Commision for both New Businesses and Renewals
  • Full access to Sales.Rocks with own subscription
  • Case studies

What our Partners would like to share?

“Seeing what Sales.Rocks can do for entire Sales Teams and the sales process for SMB has intrigued me to research how much Sales automation is adapted by Sales Teams in Sweden. Although processes are moving forward, there is still plenty of traditional Sales done, and Sales.Rocks might just be the tool they need to streamline their processes. Partnering with the Sales.Rocks team and their great collaboration open new doors for our business, as well as a new opportunity for us to help our clients the best we can. We see a lot of potential and exponential growth for both parties.”

Partner Benefits and Resources

Brand Resources

We share access to our branding program, toolkits, and branded materials.

Custom implementation

We set up your Sales.Rocks main and partner account together and share best practices.

Campaign assistance

Get help with your outreach and get the best results from your Outreach Campaigns.

Sales Materials

Gain excusive access to the Sales.Rocks Academy for Sales from Beginners to Professionals.

Let’s talk.

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