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Let’s do it together! Join us on our journey to make sales and recruiting finally become effective & efficient and earn 20% monthly recurring revenue on every purchase.

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How to become a partner?

Sales.Rocks is the best multi-channel sales enablement platform designed specifically to help sales teams book more meetings and close deals faster.

1. Sign up

Your journey begins here. Anyone can join the program instantly and start earning.

2. Promote

Time to get creative here. Use your unique referral link to inform your friends, and prospects the wonderful benefits of using Sales.Rocks.

3. Earn

Take home 20 % recurring monthly commission for every successful referral.

Christiaan Jaarsma

International Partner Manager
Become a partner!

Is Sales.Rocks just as interesting for your customers as it is for you? By becoming a Sales.Rocks partner you can sign up customers yourself for a freemium version and get yourself boosted to a paid account for free (after 10 freemium referrals).

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Why become a partner?

Get Sales.Rocks for free

You can use Sales.Rocks for free as soon as you have 10 contacts invited (no paid needed)

Earn 20% commission

You will get a 20% recurring commission on every sale that you bring in. Not only that, you will continue to get 20% commission even when a customer adds more seats/licenses once they are onboard. That’s more money in the bank!

Get access first to new data/features

You are the first to have access to new features and data such as Chrome Extension, new countries, indicators and integrations.

Yearly Sales.Rocks Event

You are invited to our annual partner event in the Netherlands.

Our team

The foundation of the company is built by a young, talented and highly driven team of programmers, developers, data analysts, salespeople and marketers with experienced leadership at the helm.
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