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Updated on November 16, 2021

Currently, #SalesEnablement is a really 🔥 topic within the industry. For many readers, it seems to be some buzz work or something that can be incorporated in large companies.
However, sales enablement can actually be implemented and executed in any size of the company, ranging from a freelancer to large corporations.


So what is a sales enablement tool and how can you use it for you and your entire company? 🤷‍♂️


In a nutshell, sales enablement takes away all the repetitive manual tasks and lets you focus on really bringing new customers on board by focusing on sales preparation, content, and execution. 🚀

For this you can apply Sales Enablement using Sales.Rocks as a sales enablement tool in different stages of your sales process:


  • Finding the right prospects (sales prospecting) 🔎
  • Getting enough background info on the leads (research) 🏠
  • Account-based marketing (ABM) to find more contacts within the already existing client to up-sell 📈
  • Ensuring you have verified and valid contact data through all stages ✔️
  • Distributing your content automated via Drip Campaign (LinkedIn & Email) 📢


Imagine a single person being able to do the work that usually multiple people would be doing, but with a significant increase in productivity.

Let’s go through our basic idea of outbound and inbound in form of a bow-tie which includes sales & marketing together. There are six main stages that we can look at: Awareness, Education, Selection, Onboarding, Impacting, and Growth.





Using the various features of Sales.Rocks you can fully enable your sales team during the whole life-cycle of the sales process.



Finding the right leads (prospecting) 🔎

First, there was a lead! The process for any outbound sales process is a lead, how else can you amaze your future client with your amazing proposition. At this first stage is where Sales.Rocks comes in:


Use technographics, contacts parameters and company attributes to nail down your ideal customer profile. An overview in detail on how to find your ideal customer profile can be found in my article Ace your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) using customer profiling technographics.



Sales.Rocks chrome extension technologies



Sales.Rocks search helps you with over 150 filters to really find the relevant prospects for you. This can be more powerful than a generic LinkedIn search or having to go through google to find the companies, research leads, and verify their contact details manually. 😵





Getting enough background info on the leads (research) 🏠

In order to close a client or fully onboard him it is essential to have a 360 degrees view of a prospect and his company. Information can be related to the location of a company, the already existing technologies the company is using, the employees or the hierarchy within the company.

Think of a possible reporting manager that might be relevant for you to close a deal. Our Chrome extension can also give you insights about your client or lead when visiting their website 🔍 for e.g. what kind of technologies are they using, do they already use a competing product or do they have a CRM for which you have some integration? Imagine going on a call and knowing all these things beforehand 😉




Account-based marketing (ABM) to find more contacts within the already existing client to up-sell 📈

You already have an existing account signed up. But how can you grow within that account?

For this, you can use our organizational structure from which you can see who reports to whom, who might be in the same department, who is an influencer, and who is ultimately the decision-maker.🔨  Especially for large deal sizes this tool can be a game-changer.




It also helps you to find multiple possible people to target within a company. From the overview, you can get direct access to all the contact profiles that are available. 😎 This is a great tool for stages of selection, onboarding, but also growth.



Ensuring you have verified and valid contact data through all stages ✔️

Nothing is worse than getting flagged as a spammer or having your email bounced. Emails sent to invalid addresses bounce back, which may lead to an account suspension if the bounce rate is too high. Usually bounce rate should stay within the 8-18% 👇 threshold.


Sales.Rocks can check every email address you provide and significantly reduce the bounce rate. You can verify thousands of emails within minutes. We also ensure some of the fastest email verification speeds.


During all stages of being in touch with your clients, we recommend frequently checking the email address. Most important, however, is the verification upfront, before reaching out to clients.




Within the Sales Toolkit, you can verify single email addresses or upload your CSV/Google Sheet data to batch verify your email data.



Distributing your content automated via Drip Campaign (LinkedIn & Email) 📢

During the awareness, education, onboarding, and growth process you can use the drip campaigns to reach your sales goals. Looking at the awareness of your product or service you can reach out to selected leads and inform them about a possible pain point to raise awareness of an issue they have.


Subsequently, during the education process, you can outline how you have helped similar companies to overcome these issues. This could be through case studies, whitepapers, or client testimonials 🎉

During the onboarding stage, you can outline the various features, how-to videos, or other helpful material using a drip campaign e.g. during a period of 3 weeks.

Lastly, during the growth process, you can outline up-selling opportunities to your clients, or remind them of upcoming renewals.


Sales.Rocks multichannel drip campaigns


The great part of the drip campaign is that you can use if/else options like:

  • Does the recipient open the email
  • Does the recipient click a link
  • Does the recipient not even open the email


If so you can select various follow-up actions, but these things can be triggers for up-sell opportunities or possible churn of prospects. You can manually import the contacts or use Zapier for automating your sequence adding or removal.


We have plenty of new tools available to really build a sales enablement tool suit for you that you can use during the entire life cycle of your sales process.

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