Introducing the Sales.Rocks Chrome Plugin

This addition to the platform marks a huge milestone in our efforts to make Sales.Rocks the best service for a complete automation of sales and marketing processes, and now with a dedicate Chrome plugin.

We have been working on this for a while and we’re very excited to show you what the big deal is about. So without further delay let us show what all the fuss is about.

Customer focused

The key areas for a customer focused platform are functionality and convenience. That means offering your customer base options in terms of how they want to use your product.

A customer who is a power user would log in on the platform and start looking for companies that fit his ideal customer profile or look for contacts for their cold outreach campaign.

On the other hand another user researching potential clients would like a faster way to find contact information on the spot and add that data to his list with a simple click.

For a great customer experience you need to anticipate how they may use your product and offer them options that are convenient.

This is why our plugin represents a huge part of our platform development efforts.

Ease of use

With our plugin you can now build your lead lists from the websites you visit. Fire it up and go straight to finding new leads in just a few clicks.

Whether you are looking for emails from CEO’s and C-level executives or you want to get in touch with the sales and marketing teams you can select which emails you prefer by quickly changing your filter preferences.

Plugin functionality

The Sales.Rocks plugin has a seamless integration with our database offering a vital compact feature set of our existing platform functionality available in your Chrome browser. The three core features of the plugin are Contacts, Company Info and Technographics.


The Contacts tab gives you information based on Company Hierarchy, Department and Email confidence score. You can select contacts individually or all and add them to your custom lists on the platform for your email sequences or for quick export.

Chrome extension contact data extraction

Company Info

The Company Info tab has general information including the company’s NACE Code, Industry, Number of employees, Year of incorporation, Turnover and other data points relevant to your sales efforts.

Chrome extension company data extraction


The Technographics tab shows the technologies used by your target company. You can use this data as a signal or orientation, in which the potential customer company is moving. Based on that data you can select the target audience with a precise match.

Sales.Rocks chrome extension technologies

Furthermore, the Chrome Plugin works directly with the Sales.Rocks Platform, so once you’ve searched and found the contacts, you can easily save them to a list into your Sales.Rocks account. From there, you can use this specific list of researched companies to set up an outreach campaign through the Sales.Rocks Email Sequence Module.

The Sales.Rocks plugin will the available on the Chrome web store very soon and we can’t wait for you to try out the plugin and send us any feedback about new options and ideas you may have on how can we make it better for you.

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