Stand Out In the B2B SaaS Market: Sell The solution, Not The Technology

Updated on May 8, 2021

Everyone loves to complain about how competitive the B2B SaaS market is nowadays. Here is a quick reality check: It’s gonna get even more ruthless.

Due to the expansion of technology, it is sink or swim out there.

So if you haven’t figured out how to compete and stand out from the crowd, you are probably going to drown.

Find Your Unique Value Proposition in the B2B SaaS Market

If you are following what everyone else is doing, you will never succeed in your targeted marketplace. Still, there are plenty of companies that are frightened to make a bold move and develop unique products. They are just copying their competitors’ way of doing things, hoping that the approach will work for them too.

Aware that there are plenty of sales enablement platforms on the business-to-business market when we launched Sales.Rocks, we chose to do the exact opposite.

From our humble beginning, we aspired to create another kind of sales and marketing enablement platform – one that didn’t rely on wasting valuable resources to find your targeted audience. At the core of Sales.Rocks we didn’t put the supreme software, but rather the comprehensive combination of a high-valuable product and a human philosophy.

It all comes down to “Sell the solution, not the Technology”. Your targeted audience doesn’t care about your product features. They just want a solution for their pain points. Period.

Select And Understand Your Target B2B Market Audience

How do you actually create a unique product?

Focus on understanding your Ideal Customer Profile before you do the actual reach-out. Every consumer out there desires to buy a product that they feel like it was tailored especially for them.

Still, only a few companies do this.

For us, this means carefully selecting and reaching out to our pool of targeted leads with personalized messages. The point is to use behind-the-scenes customizations  to make the email look like it was written on the spot by a Sales Development Representative. So, before the reach-out, make sure that you are already familiar with the prospect’s Company and Contact info to properly tailor your message.

Or, when it comes to cold calling, to make prospects realize that we are already familiar with their pain points and ready to suggest a relevant solution for them.

Combine Inbound and Outbound Approach for your B2B SaaS

Your target market doesn’t know your solution exists.

So, what do you do?

You can either reach out to them or wait for them to reach out to you.

Or, you can do both.

In one of my recent articles, I elaborate on how we managed to start a digital transformation in the sales processes by using both outbound and inbound approach.

Long story short, it all comes down to complement the advantages of the inbound and outbound efforts.

The new kind of outbound approach focuses on accurate prospecting before ever dialing the number or sending an email to the lead. To achieve this, we rely on Sales.Rocks Company Search module to select only the leads that are valuable for us.

On the other hand, when it comes to the inbound approach, we involve a bit more of a marketing touch. This means reaching out to those warm leads who are already engaging with our content or website. 

Additionally, our marketing team makes sure to keep the lead nurturing process go on flawlessly, by providing our leads with highly-relevant content.

After all, many buyers won’t even bother to come to your page to buy your product. You will need to think of a strategy that will be relevant for your market context and will motivate them to choose you over your competitors.

Choose The Right Business Tool

Nowadays, there are a variety of online business tools that you can choose from, to boost your company and generate new sales opportunities. Open yourself to what will work best for your sales and marketing efforts. 

When it comes to B2B marketing, we all know what lead-gen strategies are and how helpful they can be in boosting your company and generating new sales opportunities.

Act Fast in a competitive B2B SaaS Market

According to a recent statistic, 63% of consumers need up to 5 follow-ups before they consider the buying step. If you give up after the first unsuccessful attempt or unopened email, you will never get noticed. 

Even if you notice motivation for the final step, consider that 83% of B2B buyers are likely to put a purchase decision on hold because of changing company needs. This means getting in front of your future clients before they have the chance to change their minds or look elsewhere.

Conducting inbound and outbound strategies in parallel will increase the chances of positioning your B2B SaaS product in front of consumers and will allow you to build rapport before your competitors do.

To Wrap Up

This article’s purpose is not to frighten you. It is created simply as a reminder that there is no guarantee in the B2B SaaS market even if you use the best sales automation tools

The odds are high that someone can swoop into your space and swallow your market share. 

Always be prepared to compete.

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