3 types of Outreach Sequences you need to implement for Sales

Updated on January 5, 2023

Crafting a good email that gets the replies can be a big challenge for sales people nowadays. A lot of sales approaches have already been tried out by many people before you and at some point the fear of not being creative enough can appear. This can eventually lead to killing your desire to contact more and more prospects every day. That’s why knowing how you will always stay creative when crafting your outreach sequences while doing sales can really benefit your prospecting.

At Sales.Rocks our mission is exactly that. To make sales and marketing people love every step of the automation journey while they generate leads for their company and still stay creative and let their imagination go wild with every new outreach sequence they make.

In this blog, I want to share with you 3 types of outreach sequences that can really get you more leads , and eventually convert them into customers. But before we start with this adventure, you first need to understand the importance of your email being warmed up.

Email Warmer to eliminate the risk of your emails being flagged as spam

Warming up your email address is very important to outbound sales emails. Email warming is the process of building a good reputation for your email domain. It includes sending and receiving small email campaigns over a period of time and gradually increasing the number of emails you send, so you can build up their reputation and credibility. This will increase the probability of your emails going to your contacts’ inboxes instead of being flagged as spam.

With the Sales.Rocks Email warmer you can warm up your email address with the help of our community through a send and reply chain of emails, simulating a natural back and forth between the email accounts being warmed-up. You can do it manually by sending off 50 emails the first week, 100 emails on the second, 150 on the third, and so on, but also pay attention to your open, click through and reply rates as higher engagement contributes to your email reputation.

Once you have warmed up your email, you are ready to launch the cold outreach sequences. According to McKinsey, email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. But you need to maintain a good domain reputation first with Personalization, Relevance and Authentication if you want to get more leads. In the following sections you can see how I craft my email sequences and how they have led me to getting a high percentage of open, click and response rates.

A word on the importance of crafting good outreach sequences

One of the most exciting things about being a sales development representative for me was when I started receiving replies on my outreach campaigns from decision makers in the industry that I am targeting. This was super exciting: the CEO’s and Managers actually liked my outreach sequences enough that they wanted to schedule a platform demo or a discovery call with me. This eventually led to some deals being closed.

With time I realized that email outreach is just as important today in 2021 as ever. That’s why sales people who do not spend quality time on crafting their email sequences, shouldn’t expect to get new customers falling from the sky. This is an interesting process in which a small amount of effort and a big amount of creativity can be invested when you have the right tools. Hyper-personalized outbound prospecting is something sales reps must implement in 2021 

Now when you know how important it is to be creative in crafting your email sequences, let’s fast forward to some engaging outreach sequence examples.

Good Outreach Example 1: Contacting CEOs

Pro Tip:
- We get a ton of emails every day and a lot of them we never open. That’s why it’s very important to know that your subject line is your first (and maybe last) impression to make. Always tend to use catchy subject lines. Think twice if you would want to open an email titled ,,Hi ((first name)) do you have 5 minutes for a short meeting?”
- If you want to develop ongoing conversations that last with your leads, it’s best to start them as early as possible. Add an icebreaker to start the email. These emails often have 4x the open rate and 5x the click-through rate of other emails you would eventually send.
- Pack your emails with plenty of personalization and ways for openers to respond. Add pictures and use the custom tags so the recipients get the idea that you have spent hours on crafting a good email dedicated only to them.
- Offer a Freemium account or Free trial for your product. Decision makers won’t invest their time and money in your product if they don’t see the ROI (return on investment).

Good Outreach Example 2: Contacting Sales Managers

Pro Tip:
- Do a research about your leads and find a common ground for all of them that you can later use in your automated outreach sequences. It may be a skill they all need to have in order to be successful in their field of work or a similar topic that they are interested in.
- Refer to people that your leads would want to know more about and learn from their experience. You can point out a success story of a person from their country while using your product or service, so that it will make them want to explore more about how it can also help them solve the challenges they are facing.
- Use some phrases or words typical for their country of origin. This will make them feel more ,,at home” and will affect well on their desire to collaborate with you.

Good Outreach Example 3: Contacting SDR’s

Pro Tip:
- Think of the challenges your leads may be facing while doing their everyday activities (when working remotely and with automation platforms) and think of a creative way to present your solution to them.
- Oftentimes it can happen for your leads not to be aware about a particular challenge they are facing, so make sure to educate them with sending emails with added value.
- Use your creativity to shape your paragraphs in an interesting way, use different colours to highlight some important words or sentences in your emails. This will give away the impression that you like your job and enjoy the time you spend in crafting your emails.

Final words

Writing emails that sell is a skill that every salesperson should have nowadays. Imagine how amazing it would be if you show that you are a pro in every email you send? And even better if you actually write emails that people want to open and take action on? 


Emails matter. How you write them also matters to the people receiving them. Your ability to write good emails will most likely have a tremendous influence on your career path. That’s why knowing how to always stay creative when crafting your outreach sequence is something that will assist you in staying motivated while doing sales.


Remember: Writing effective emails is a skill and it’s definitely one you can learn.

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