Management updates – new Managing Director takes the role at Sales.Rocks

Updated on November 22, 2022

We are happy to announce that Christiaan Jaarsma is being promoted to Managing Director for Sales.Rocks. Christiaan has been with Sales.Rocks for over 4 years and initially helped shape Sales.Rocks as Head of Product.


Since 2021 he has overseen the position of Chief Revenue Officer within Sales.Rocks.

“Behind the scenes”

Founder Carsten Broich explains: “Sales.Rocks deserve a Managing Director that provides 100% focus on Sales.Rocks, its operations, and the product.


When we started Sales.Rocks as a spinoff from Sample Solutions it was initially possible to manage both in parallel. With the continuous growth and complexity of Sales.Rocks we believe that it is necessary to have a person in charge that further dedicates their full attention to the project. 


Christiaan has excelled in every position he has worked in within Sales.Rocks, whether this is on the product or commercial side and I believe he is the most suitable candidate that can ensure its continuous development over the next few years.”

Shaping the future

The ambition for Sales.Rocks is to become the go-to sales enablement solution in the Nordics and BeNeLux with a focus on hyper-personalized, compliant B2B data.


Since focusing on recurring revenue end of 2021, Sales.Rocks has gained large traction in the Nordics and BeNeLux through its own SDR team, which is using it as its in-house sales enablement platform for further growth, but also through a partnership model that leverages the Sales.Rocks platform to gain new customers. 


Christiaan comments: “Combining effortless personalized customer success with all required sales enablement tooling within a single platform, will strengthen our position in the market even further. Some vital updates are coming up with the new version of Sales.Rocks and with a seamless team collaboration we can shape its bright future. ”


With Christiaan being promoted to Managing Director of Sales.Rocks, founder Carsten Broich will take up the position as Chairman of the Board with the focus on the background related to further database developments.

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