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Identify your key accounts, find their direct decision-makers, and establish good client communication through email and LinkedIn.

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241 Countries & Territories

115 + Million

Company Records

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Company Records

Sales.Rocks B2B Database

Find direct emails for your next prospect list

The Sales.Rocks’ unique filtering system offers 50+ filters that will help you find direct contacts exactly matching your key accounts by job title, hierarchy, department, location and retrieves custom lead lists for your next sales outreach.


Fully automate your client communication with multichannel Drip-Campaigns

Email Campaings

Set up your email outreach with different sets of actions and triggers according to your recipient's actions and dynamic content matching each prospect.

LinkedIn Campagins

Put your LinkedIn prospecting on autopilot. Connect with prospects, send them personalized messages, and set different actions with their profiles automatically.

Multichannel outreach campaigns

Combine email and LinkedIn on your next prospecting outreach to increase your chances of interactions and negotiating with your prospects.

Trusted by the companies


Increase response rates and book more meetings

Use dynamic content to stand out from the crowd.
Create custom images with logos and tags according to the contact and company information of your recipients with the Image Editor and craft emails and messages with AI opening lines generated to match the company activities of your prospects.


Our Mission

Sales and Marketing Enablement at scale

We help SDRs find their leads for initial outreach, enable Account Executives to engage in conversations using hyper-personalization, and assist Account Managers with upselling by using smart sales triggers. We strive to find a solution for sales and marketing teams to increase conversion at every stage of the customer journey, from the top to the bottom of the funnel.

What do our clients say?

``Using the Drip-Campaings, I created a cold outreach campaign that won 6 new projects for me on the first try. It was a very successful campaign and Sales.Rocks is the only tool that I used to manage the whole process, from start to finish.``
Martin Broadhurst

Owner and CEO at Broadhurst Digital

“The bulk extractor has helped me in finally identifying direct e-mails from my LinkedIn leads. I’ve been looking for such a feature for months, but I am glad that Sales.Rocks were able to help me out in finding direct e-mails for over 70% of my LinkedIn prospects.``
Efrat Dekel

B2B Growth & Linkedin Marketeer at ED

”I never get past the credit limits – Why? Cause the leads I get are of such quality that I generally can just build campaigns and let them run. I currently do multi-channel outreach campaigns and I’m excited about Sales.Rocks replacing some of my other tools.“
Selle Evans

CEO at Masterly Business Solutions

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