Case Study With David from Guru Muscle.
“Sales Rocks comes very handy as an all-in-one tool for prospecting. No need to switch to another solution.”

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“It’s hard to find any tool that provides quality leads, warm-ups, and drip messaging. Sales.Rocks comes very handy as it’s all built-in.”

David Kocsis

CEO at Guru Muscle

About Guru Muscle

Guru Muscle is an online Gym Store offering women’s and men’s activewear at affordable prices coming with the best selection of the most famous brands in the fitness apparel industry.


E-Commerce (Online Store)

Company size

1-10 Employees


434 Princess Highway, Blakehurst
NSW 2221, Australia

The Challenge

“Searching for leads is a hard job when done manually. And even then, the quality of the data is doubtful, as you depend on pure online data that has no check-ups and regular updates.

Even if you get the data, there is no simple solution to get your leads firstly verified, and then qualified by doing outreach.”

The Solution

“Giving Sales.Rocks a shot turned out to be most beneficial when it comes to the entire lead generation process for Guru Muscle.
Besides the inbound activities from our online sources, we manage to also do outbound outreach with the help of Sales.Rocks.

Finding quality leads has significantly gotten easier, and we don’t need to worry about harming our domains when doing the initial outreach.

The Sales.Rocks Email Warmer tool does what it says, it will make sure your sending reputation is kept optimal before you start your outreach.”

The Results

“They have quite a large number of Contact data for the local, Australian market, that we are targeting. Working with the NACE classification helped us create separate lists of different wholesale and retail companies that were just the right ICP. We used mostly the NACE 46 and 47, targeting wholesale and retail trade.”


No more manual lead generation

Get your ICP with a few clicks.

Guru Muscle