Sales.Rocks Case Study Bus Unlimited


The CEO, Femke van Baar, shares the main challenges they were facing
with audience reach and customer acquisition,
and how they used Sales.Rocks for overcoming those challenges.


Bus Unlimited Solutions offers a wide range of catering and promotional services for company events and festivals.

They are supporting their clients with organizing events and attracting visitors and participants for the latter. With their amazing fleet of self-designed food trucks and a wide range of organic, high-quality home-made food, they bring the Mediterranean feel to your event and festival.

bus unlimited solutions trucks

The Challenges

They wanted to reach a wider public outside the main festival organizations and event-planning agencies. Therefore, she wanted to target businesses and corporates that are organizing events both for internal and external purposes.

Since their business has grown incredibly fast due to great WoM marketing and referral, they haven’t laid any focus on acquisition of new customers. As they are continuously booked and upgrading their food trucks, there was not much time left for setting up organized drip-campaigns.

The Process


We started off by diving into the first challenge. BUS Unlimited Solutions was namely targeting a wider audience. After an intensive sparring session with Femke and Christiaan Jaarsma, the CRO from Sales.Rocks, they decided to target organizations with 50+ Employees located in the Dutch Province Noord-Holland, the area BUS’ presence is well-known in.

Sales.Rocks’ smart filtering system identified within a couple of seconds an entire new market containing over 4000 companies. That’s quite a start right?


For the second challenge, Christiaan dived into the current outbound marketing campaigns of BUS and identified certain points for possible improvement.

As the dedicated account manager of BUS, Christiaan came with new content suggestions and organized A/B testing on several campaigns that had been set-up together with Femke.



To be exact, 4012 companies have been contacted in batches of 500.

On average an open-rate of 38% was achieved and already 14 new businesses have been closed since the drip-campaign has been launched just 3 weeks ago!

Take greater control of all existing

sales and marketing processes.

Bus Unlimited

bus unlimited Sales.Rocks success story
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