All businesses deserve equal access to contact information

Affordable and easily accessible company and contact data.

Easy list creation of companies and contacts you need for sales and marketing

With the Sales.Rocks quick Data exports you can search through our verified, GDPR-friendly, and affordable database of companies and decision-makers that you need to contact for your business development.

After making your selection, you’ll receive your list of full contact and company profiles right in your inbox with minimal investment in contact data.


Affordable, verified contact lists for successful prospecting

Find and download the contact details of your target audience with minimal investment.

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Sales.Rocks quick Data Exports

How to find your Data?

Our online selection tool offers company addresses, information on web technologies and activities, contact profiles, mobile numbers, emails, and social media profiles for sales, marketing, and business development purposes.


Access the most accurate business database in the Netherlands.

GDPR-compliant business registry

We strive to provide you with data that follows all regulations from the GDPR. Having a full implementation of a GDPR Module for notifying and regulating data subjects makes us unique on the market.

Data from various sources

The Sales.Rocks company and contact lists won't limit you on LinkedIn data only, but will provide information from official business registries as well as other online accessible sources that complete a full profile.

Easy way to download data

With the quick data orders you can instantly filter out and download the most targeted lists of companies and contacts with all the details you need to start your sales outreach or enrich your CRM data.

Accessible and Affordable Data

Having the reputation of the leading business data provider in the Netherlands, we can provide verified and complete business information for businesses of all sizes for the most affordable prices on the market.


How to download a list of companies?

You can easily filter out the companies you need according to criteria chosen with different filters. Each time you add a filter the results will show available data for a combination of all chosen filters within our database. Once you have your selection ready, simply continue to the checkout and finalize the payment process. You’ll receive your list in a few minutes at the given email address during the check-out.

What do I get with my contact order?

By ordering a list of contacts, you’ll receive every contact detail you need to get in contact with the potential. The lists contain all the information we have regarding a contact within our database including but not limited to First Name, Last Name, a direct business email address, a business mobile phone number, Job Title, hierarchy, department, contact location, LinkedIn profile, Twitter profile, Facebook profile and more.

How can I pay?

You can make a quick list order according to your filters by paying with a credit card. The total sum for payment will appear after your selection and you can enter a receiving email address for your order as well as your credit card details.

How much does the data cost?

The rates vary depending on the size of your dataset. They start at €0.10 per data for larger data sets and go up to €0.33 per data for smaller data sets of contacts. The rates for the companies start at €0.04 per company.

I got my list of emails. Do I need to verify them?

Every 90 days the entire database is refreshed and checked to ensure that the data is up to date and verified, ensuring you receive accurate information. As a good practice, we always advise selecting the confidence score of the emails to 95% and above to ensure that the email data is valid. For the lower confidence scores it’s a good practice to re-verify the email list before starting the outreach.

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