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Sales.Rocks is the only Data provider in Europe with a full in-house GDPR regulation system in place. All of the contacts and addresses are being verified and notified for their collection with the option to out-out from the database at any time.

Enriched Database

The Sales.Rocks Database contains all information from the Camber of Commerce in the Netherlands with information on all registered companies, from largest to smallest. This company data is further enriched with contact data from various business sources like LinkedIn, company website and other open sources to complete a full company profiles and contact details.

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  • Registered Company Name
  • Local Address with Postal Code
  • Company Website
  • Company email address
  • Company phone number
  • Industry
  • Company activities
  • Employee size
  • Year of incorporation
  • Company Headquarters
  • Company Social Media profiles
  • Employee overview
  • Contact email addresses
  • Contact phone numbers
  • Contact Social Media profiles
  • 50+ data points

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The Sales.Rocks Company Database offers extensive company profiles including registered company name, postal address, industry, year of incorporation, website, email address, phone number, employee size, revenue range, web technologies, social media profiles, and employee contact details.

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