Buy Cold Calling Lists and reach decision-makers from your target market.

Buy cold calling lists from the largest B2B Database provider in the Netherlands at the most affordable prices.

Reach business potentials and decision-makers directly with access to their personal phone numbers.

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Create a full contact list for cold calling and other business development projects with verified GDPR-compliant data.
Reach thousands of decision-makers on their mobile phone numbers in the Netherlands.

We assist hundreds of teams with cold-calling lists and establishing a constant flow of business opportunities.


Data Enrichment with mobile phone numbers

Keep your CRM up-to-date

You already have your client base in your CRM, but you are missing mobile phone numbers to reach the clients by phone. With the Sales.Rocks list exports you can enrich your CRM client base with the phone numbers you need to continue the business negotiations. Simply filter out the target market you need and download the personal phone numbers of the decision-markers in an Excel file. Get additional contact information like email addresses in your lists.

Business Phone number exports

Cold Calling Lists for your target market

The Sales.Rocks filtering system enables users to generate precise cold calling lists by filtering based on job titles, company information, and contact location. Your contact list will contain the entire contact profile as well as the full company information you can use to tailor your cold calling outreach.


AVG proof call lists

Purchase call center calling lists in compliance with privacy regulations.

We take privacy very seriously to protect customer and business data.

Our telephone directory contains direct phone numbers of decision-makers sourced from the official registry and publicly available information like the commercial register. We strictly use local data to comply with Dutch data protection laws. These sources include chambers of commerce, websites, telecommunications companies, and more. Our data records run through Do-Not-Call lists regulated by our mother company Sample Solutions B.V., the leading Data Provider for Market Research in the Netherlands.

GDPR and ISO badges for Sales.Rocks

Need access to contact information from decision-makers worldwide? We can provide you with your highly targeted contact data within a few clicks.