Ideal Customer Profile

The Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) represents a description of the best-fit customers for your solution, product, or service. It is the Holy Grail in B2B sales and marketing. Each business needs to have its own, unique ICP guide in order to align sales and marketing teams and objectives to target the right prospects with the right message and sales offer.


In other words, defining an Ideal Customer Profile helps you prioritize your resources on those prospects that have the highest potential to buy from you.

The Ideal Customer Profile can be created by taking a look at your already existing customers and trying to draw a sketch based on the similar interests, characteristics, and needs of your most satisfied & loyal clients. For even better results, B2B marketers and salespeople segment their ICP to different buyer persona according to firmographics and technographics so they can approach each segment with personalized marketing material or a sales offer.


The more qualified prospects you target (once you know who they are) the better their Lifetime Value (LTV) and lower the churn rate. Being surrounded by satisfied and valuable customers has a direct influence on your business’ exponential growth.