Email Warm-up

An Email Warm-up is a process that warms up your email account before you start sending cold outreach campaigns to avoid being marked as spam.

Email service providers (ESPs), such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc, have restrictions in place to protect their users from a large number of spam emails that are being sent with email automation.

To balance this discrepancy, when a new email account is created, the ESPs set a limit to how many emails you can send via that account per day. And the limit is low.

Sales.Rocks Email Warmer can warm up your account by automatically sending emails, with specifically generated subject lines and content, to other accounts being warmed up, simulating a natural back and forth exchange through a send and reply chain of emails.

Regular warming increases your daily email activity and allows you to send more emails that are guaranteed to reach the inbox. It helps you boost email activity and email deliverability, therefore reaching more prospects, increasing your email reputation, and avoiding the spam folder.