Drip Campaign

A Drip Campaign refers to a triggered, automated sequence of emails sent to specifically targeted recipients or email subscribers to achieve a certain outcome.

You can use drip campaigns to:

  • Welcome and nurture every new subscriber that opted-in to receive marketing communication from your company;
  • Onboard new users/clients by sending them knowledge materials “drip-by-drip” as they progress in learning how to use your software;
  • Perform hyper-personalized, cold outreach to your potential customers, including follow-ups;
  • Create multichannel drip campaigns and engage your prospects on LinkedIn and email simultaneously… etc.

Every person who joins your drip campaign will typically receive the same templates of content as anyone else on the list, but thanks to the personalization tools that a lot of email platforms provide (including Sales.Rocks), each person will be addressed by their own name, job title, company they work for…. etc.

A drip campaign can help you achieve almost any objective you might have, but more often than not they are used to nurture leads and push people further into the sales funnel.

They come with advanced reports to gain insight into the campaign’s performance and ROI, and recently Sales.Rocks upgraded this feature by providing Multichannel Drip Campaigns to engage your prospects on both channels, LinkedIn + email, simultaneously.