Buyer’s Journey

Buyer’s Journey is the process a consumer goes through before purchasing a product or service.

The buyer’s journey can look different depending on the industry or the product your business offers, but generally, it has three main stages:

Awareness: Being aware of your product and company;
Consideration: Researching how your product or service fits in their workflow;
Conversion: Making a purchase decision, or taking action towards making a purchase.

It is visualized as a sales funnel of the decision-making process that all consumers go through.

Aim to create your own buyer’s journey based on research on your own target audience, to add precision to the general model. When you target prospects, you must consider wherein the buyer’s journey this prospect sits? Are they aware of your product’s existence? Are they considering other alternatives (competitors)? Are they any obstacles that prevent them to make a purchase?

Each stage comes with its own challenges and goals that will help your sales and marketing strategies.