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Identify Your Best Buyers

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What we offer

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Sales Consultancy

Purpose-fit guidance for your enterprise needs: hands-on training & insights. Onboarding assistance and get-you-started in all the ways of using and getting the best out of Sales.Rocks.

–  Research & Filters
–  Templates
–  Campaign Set Up

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Company Account

Manage users from a single admin account. The Sales.Rocks platform allows multi-user company account with administration possibilities and credit delegation from a single admin user.

–  1 Administration
–  Company account
–  User Management

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CSM and Support

A dedicated Customer Success Manager is assigned specifically for your business, to provide support, requests, and issues on different levels/avenues and at agreed response times.

–  Dedicated CMS
–  Live Chat Support
–  Demo and Support sessions

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Smooth Collaboration

Align your sales and marketing teams around the same target companies. Increase productivity with automated workflows and set triggers based on specific changes within those accounts.

–  Quality Business Data
–  Powerful Filtering Mechanism
–  Set Specific Triggers


Clean, simple
& highly intuitive
User Interface.

B2B contact and company database for enterprise business, featuring an extensive
data filtering system.

SaaS for enterprise

Level Privacy.

We take privacy very seriously to protect
customer and business data.

Our team uses the best up-to-date security practices to ensure confidentiality across all areas of data, network, system, and application security.

GDPR and ISO badges for Sales.Rocks
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Take a greater control of all existing sales and marketing processes.

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