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You know it’s first class data if you got it from Sales.Rocks.
We run a dynamic database to perform real-time look-ups to ensure our data is always up-to-date.
The fully automated data validation process helps create a dynamic database and increase accuracy.
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Almost two thirds of our clients use Sales.Rocks for Sales and Marketing Enablement.

Going further than anyone before, Sales.Rocks provides the largest coverage and accurate data to fuel your CRM, HRM or Marketing Automation System. 

Plenty of Integrations for Marketing Automation, CRM applications and many more.
API Documentation for Developers for full workflow integration.
ISO27001 and ISO 20252 Certification for Data Security and Quality Assurance.
Secure 2-Factor-Authentication Login to ensure that your data is secure.
Reliable Cloud hosting in Germany on secured ISO27001 AWS certified servers.
European Coverage including more than 12 countries and quarterly additions.
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Data-Driven Sales
meets cutting edge technology

The Sales.Rocks platform looks across the web, sorting through millions of data-points in real-time to pull back actionable intelligence from a variety of sources: social presence, company websites, legal filing, and many more.

15.000 Community members

Get access to our community which can help you around for all Sales.Rocks implementations.

30+ API Provider

We partner with more than 30 API providers to even increase our data access.
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We offer more integrations than any other platform.
We have helped clients globally with our integrations into your CRM, MAP or workflow management.

CRM Integrations

We offer 2-way integrations for the most common CRM Applications.

Marketplace Apps

Install the Salesforce app or Zoho CRM app from the marketplace to select data directly in your CRM.

Workflow Automation

Automation is all around us. Why not use Zapier or Zoho Flow in combination with Sales.Rocks.
Cutting edge technology meets best-in-class customer service

Key Account Manager

Every Paid account has a dedicated Key Account Manager available.
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Selecting your audience.

Our data-driven sales experience helps you select your target audience.
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Customize Everything

We can provide customized applications for enterprise clients.
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Integrations into your workflow

Our Customer Success Manager support you with the integration.