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Our performance-based marketing rewards referrers with extra credit sfor each subscriber they bring to our platform.

Join Sales.Rocks

Join our referral program and earn extra credits by promoting our brand and services to your acquaintances.

New Members

Every time you invite a new member to our platform, you’ll earn extra credits depending on the module they choose.

Access & Control

The individual referral management allows you to be in control of your attracted subscribers and earned credits
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Steps to take in order to initiate the referral program

Spread the good word

Send out invites directly from the platform

Use your extra credits in 90 days

It’s as easy as that!
Track the down line from your own admin dashboard and have direct insight into the number of subscribers and earned credits.
Sign up and use your unique referral link to invite new customers, and earn on each successful subscription we receive from the customers you referred.
Get more credits with every subscriber that joins your list. You will get 50% off your subscriber’s credit module. You get notified for every new subscriber we get from your invitation. The credits assigned to you will be available for 90 days!
Number of Credits increases depending on the subscription module, respectively. The higher the subscription module, the better usage of platform’s benefits.
< Credits >
The credits from your subscription module will be available to you for 90 days. You can use them for:

Full contact

(all units) = 1 credit

Data Validation

(one unit) = 0.10 credits

Data Enrichment

(one unit) = 0.20 credits
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Get personal assistance about your credit usage and module selection.