Monitor your prospect’s intent
with sales triggers.

Follow important changes within a company.
Check their progress, recognize their buying potential and purchase intent,
so you can reach out to them at the right time with the right message.

Sales Triggers

Catch the sales opportunity at the right moment.

The sales triggers will alarm you when your prospect is ready to buy.


Revenue flow
of a company

The full company profile will show you the revenue changes in time for a targeted company.

This will help you decide on the buying power of a company at a specific time.


Job Openings

Check the current job openings within a company.

Use the signals to find out about changes in job positions and decision-makers in advance.


Spikes and Drops of employee number

Follow the spikes and drops in employee number.

This will alert you on the company’s growth, the needs of their teams, and their buying intent.


Changes in Techstack

Get alerted when for example a website has been moved to a different CMS or a new tracking script has been added.

Use these changes to follow the company’s development phase and hit them with the right proposal.


Implement account-based sales and marketing.

Have a precise picture of the development process of a company, combine the buying signals you get from Sales.Rocks and warm up your prospecting and leads for the outbound activities.

employee count sales trigger

Know when and how to reach out.

How to use the Triggers

Use the sales signals to follow specific companies that have common signals and add them to filtered prospecting lists.

How to automate

Trigger automated sequences to get in touch with the prospects with highly-personalized emails and LinkedIn actions according to the key signals.

Recognize the purchase intent

By knowing the client’s purchase intent upfront, you’ll be able to recognize the right needs of your clients at the right time and their readiness to buy from you.

Follow the Signals

Ready to establish strong
client connections?

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