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The Sales.Rocks Features

Full Sales Automation Platform with limitless options.

We combine different tools for SDRs, AMs and AEs to enable steamless collaboration within teams and cover all aspects from the sales processes.

Search and Verification Modules

The Company, Contact Search and Sales Toolkit Modules will help you with a constant flow of new, verified leads. With an advanced filtering system and search options you can create highly-targeted lead lists with more than 50+ datapoints.

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Drip Campaigns Module

With the Drip Campaigns Module you'll automate and personalize your outreach to the next level. Create an automated sequence to reach out to your prospects with emails and LinkedIn actions with hyper-personalized content.

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Chrome Extension

Visiting a company website and need full info on that company and the people that work there? Piece of cake with the Sales.Rocks Chrome Extension. You can find all the company details and contact information and easily add them to a list from the corner of your browser.

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Sales.Rocks Data

Business Data from 213+ countries Worldwide.

With the largest B2B database in place we ensure constant data flow of fresh and verified leads in your CRM.

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Step 1: Registration

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Once registered you are ready to do your first search!

Find all companies and contacts from your target market.

Step 2: Find your Leads

1. Data Filtering

Use the Company and Contact Search Filters to create your Lead Lists.

2. Detailed Search

You can use more then 50 data points from the basic company name and local address, to advanced like technologies used by a company, industry codes, regions, revenue and size, job titles, you can even search by company activities, company name domain or registry number.

3. Contact Details

By unlocking a company and contact profile you can get company and/or contact email address, phone number and social media profiles. Then simply push them to your new lead lists and your are set for your outreach.

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Get ready to give your clients a highly-personalized experience.

Set your Drip Campaign with a genuine, human-like approach.

Step 3: Outreach

1. Create your Sequence

Use the Drip Campaigns Module to fully automate your outreach with emails and Linkedin actions.

2. Hyper-Pesonalized content Builder

With the Sales.Rocks image and template Builder you can add custom image overlays, custom tags and even call up a client logo in your next email to your prospect.

3. Make an impression

Surprise your prospect each time with a landing page and an offer specifically tailored to their needs and interest.
Everything is customizable!


Affordable pricing.
Easy scaling.

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  • Contact Search Credits: 6000
  • Toolkit Credits: 12000
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