See the features that have helped more than 200 companies finding their right candidates

Our Recruitment Stack – Access to a global B2B Recruiting Database for Professionals

Search for the right profiles

Find the candidates you’re looking for based on industry, location, company, job title, and more. Sales.Rocks provides access to more phone numbers and email addresses than any other data provider.

Target Accounts

Build lists filtered by industry, title, company location, job function, and more, which will allow recruiters to create and run highly targeted campaigns to find the most qualified candidates.

My Lists

Quickly build targeted lists of B2B contacts in a matter of minutes for your recruitment outreach efforts. Find key contact information on the selected contacts at the companies you care about most.


Improve your existing database and fill in the gaps with accurate contact information, firmographic data, segmentation insights, and more. Enhance your database to maintain data hygiene and reach candidates faster.
Sales.Rocks: Your competitive edge for Data-Driven Recruitment

You need the latest leadership information when personnel changes? Use the first in class business intelligence to identify your single talent source, when a client needs a specific candidate. Generate a list of contacts based on different criteria from our B2B Recruiting Database.

b2b recruiting database

Rely on Accurate & Verified Data

Make outdated data a thing of the past and save your recruitment efforts.

Integrate directly into your Recruitment system

Use our API Integration or Zapier connection to connect with your Recruitment Blueprint.
Still trying to find the needle in the haystack?
With hundreds of variables to help you specify your search, Sales.Rocks lets you easily target companies or individuals to find your next A-Player.

*No extra fee or any hidden cost

Search top talent at targeted companies instantly.

Target specific job titles at crucial companies.

Reach out to key contacts filtered by key parameters like education and technologies used.

Get background information from current social media links.

Define specific required skills.

Receive direct contact details.

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How to find A-Players using Data-Driven Recruitment?
b2b recruiting database
Still doing Recruitment the old way with manual searches, various job boards, but fail at getting your A-Player?
Most of our clients faced the same challenges. See how they overcame them!

What is Data-Driven Recruitment?

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