Do you have a call center, data entry team or a sales team that maintains and adds all your clients’ data?
Batch Data Enrichment: Manual enrichment is a thing of the past.

Enrich Company Info

Choose to enrich your existing data with company phone numbers, general and direct email addresses, web page URL and their social media profile

Web Technologies and Applications used

Learn more about the Web-technologies and Applications used by the organisation. Find out what platform their web page is running on, their security layers, what payment gateways they use and much more.

Direct Contacts

Obtaining information on direct contacts enables you to reach out to the individuals that get things done.
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Data Verification

Our clients eliminate up to 80% of their manual data checking and data cleaning time by using our automated data validation module. Validation elements are phone numbers, email addresses, contacts, but also various company information.

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Batch Data Validation and Enrichment goes hand in hand in most cases. Imagine enriching your CRM with the company URLs. From there you can link up social media profiles or technology data. By building an entire workflow, the system can automate all validation and enrichment processes thus eliminating all manual work.

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Our 150 batch data points cover:
Full Company Info, Financial & Contact Data
Historic Data
Technology Data
Direct Contact Data
The All-In-One Solution for Corporates
The Sales.Rocks Enterprise plan contains all modules (Batch, Sales+, Bulk) and all integrations to fully boost your Sales & Marketing efforts.

Enterprise Plan

For Enterprise clients we offer a package that besides top notch data also comes with outstanding customer support.
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The Sales.Rocks support team is available 24/7 by email, live chat, or phone
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