Customer Success

Customer success is growth management for ensuring that customers get the results they want from your product or service. Especially in B2B SaaS, the subscription-based business model where the revenue and overall success of the company depend on satisfied customers that keep paying their subscription month over month. Therefore, a customer success manager is needed to ensure that the customers are happy with the company’s services, by reducing churn, driving renewals, and expanding business accounts.


Customer success is about ensuring a positive customer experience. This means finding ways to get your current customers more engaged with the product, keep them continuously updated on any developments, and offer new services or products they might find useful. And when it’s done right, customer success can open up lots of opportunities for increasing revenue in other areas like upselling and cross-selling.


SaaS Capital has revealed that companies who adopt Customer Success can see a 40% increase in revenues, 50% faster growth, and a lot of positive effects on churn and customer satisfaction.