Cold Outreach

Cold Outreach is any form of breaking the ice between you and a prospect / potential customer with the goal to start communication and build a business relationship. If the cold outreach is successful, the next step is to present your product/service to them, along with the sales offer, and turn them into satisfied, paying customers.


It’s not an easy task to engage a total stranger to open up to work with you or hear you out. And there are many sales methods and different cold outreach strategies to achieve that goal. Some of them are sending cold emails and cold LinkedIn messages, or cold calling the business professionals from your Ideal customer profile.


Cold Outreach can be a daunting task if you have a long list of leads and sales prospects. Sending mass emails or messages in bulk without a sales automation tool is almost impossible. Therefore SDRs segment their target audience into different meaningful groups based on similar interests and characteristics, create one – but personalized template for each group, and set the entire process on autopilot.