Buyer Persona

Buyer Persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer or target audience. One general description that checks all the characteristics that a business or a business professional needs to have in order to fit the frame of the ideal, potential client for your product or service.

Characteristics in terms of age, location, job title, interests, needs, buying behavior patterns, motivation, even pain points in their everyday workflow which your solution helps them solve.

It is also known as a customer persona.
It simply answers the question: who is your ideal customer in general terms?

To be able to draw a rough sketch of your buyer persona you need to conduct market research, audience research, and to take a look at the available data about your existing customers.

When you create the “buyer persona” for your specific business it will guide both, your sales and marketing teams, to tailor their strategies and messaging accordingly, target the right people and improve their efficiency.

A business can have several buyer personas at the same time according to the different needs that your solution can tackle.