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The development steps to a fully customized B2B Lead Generation Services for Sales & Marketing Enablement.

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Platform Extension
& Improvement

Our Development team works in cycles of 2 weeks with the release of new features. These features can be related to extension of functionality, improved user experience, data coverage, extra data points, integrations and many many more!

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  • New Features
  • Platform Performance
  • Database updates
  • Data Accuracy
  • Modules functionality
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b2b lead generation services
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What is NEXT?
Clients will be able to search for a specific person by full name, job title, hierarchy, department.
Next to coverage and features we are also working on the performance and accuracy of the data for the Sales+ Module.
Building up the Database for the Bulk module is our highest priority. New countries besides BeNeLux are being added into the filters
Showing the database capabilities by giving the users counts of the required data points.
In addition to the rest of the data points, the Batch module will include overview of all employees on a company level
Keeping step with the technology development, we'll be adding new technologies to the list of the technology tracker and enrichment tool
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