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Use our Sales.Rocks APIs to easily include person and company profile information in your apps and to develop great tools for your company.

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Sales.Rocks’ features are available via our REST API.

Integrate with Sales.Rocks Developer API to sync your processes of lead generation such as retrieving info about the number of email addresses for particular domains from our database, collect all emails registered on one domain, find email addresses based on first and last name and domain name, get fully-verified email lists.

Verify your data such as phone, email or URL.
Retrieve company or contact info from a specific company.
Retrieve the Technology tree of a company.
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Our PHP Documentation

With our API-first approach, you will always have easy-to-use APIs, that will help you kick off your business data within few minutes. Build premium features by using our unique philosophy.

Our Python Documentation

With our fully prepared API-documentation you can easily take advantage of Sales.Rocks' features directly integrated into your business. We’ve prepared for you easy language bindings for simple usage in one of the most popular programming languages.

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Sales.Rocks’ API is the most comprehensive
API for Sales, Marketing and Recruitment teams.


2-way Integrations for CRM, MAS or your recruitment system.


Highly Scalable API integration which allows millions of queries daily.


Instantly access more than 150 data points.


Secure cloud-based hosting using AWS in Frankfurt and 2FA. rocket
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Keep fresh data pushed back into your system using triggers.


Find all technologies used by a company to segment your audience.


Easy Implementation using Sales.Rocks' API Developer documentation.

Complete Data

Receive full company info from more than 31M companies and 44M contacts.
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Start integrating Sales.Rocks’ Data into your Sales, Marketing or Recruitment processes.